Get the most out of your Arts & Sciences advising appointment

Senior Academic Advisor Judy McClain advises Grapevine freshman Emily Lewis for her spring semester. Baylee VerSteeg | Multimedia Journalist

By Savannah Cooper | Staff Writer

From Sept. 5 to Nov. 17, the second floor east wing of the Sid Richardson building is in its busy season, filled with all types of Baylor students. Home to the College of Arts and Sciences advising, Sid Richardson is home to nine advisors who cover all majors within the college.

Academic adviser Alfreda Washington works with biochemistry majors with last names from A to G, as well as chemistry majors and political science majors with last names from A to L. She wants students to not be worried because they’re there to help.

“No worries, it’s going to be okay, I’ll explain what the degree audit is. I’ll explain what their major is and what satisfies the major,” Washington said.

To ensure a successful 30 minute appointment, Washington advises students to come ready with their requests for the upcoming semester.

“Come prepared, have your questions ready, be open to suggestions,” Washington said.

Lisa Asher, Manager of training for A&S, works with English and journalism majors and knows the difficulty of students balancing their college course study.

“It’s hard to keep track of everything on your own and get everything done completely perfect without somebody checking in on you,” Asher said.

Baylor’s curriculum requires 124 credit hour minimum for graduation and A&S provides degree audits, which are lists of catered to each individual student listing what courses they have and haven’t taken.

As an adviser, Washington favors the degree audit because it’s a great tool that highlights what each student has taken and what’s remaining.

“We’re gonna use the audit and really show you everything you’ve taken and everything you have left to take in every category,” Washington said. “The reason why the audit is good is because it keeps track of your own personal history of everything that you’ve taken and still need to take.”

In the College of Arts and Sciences lobby, on the left hand side by the front desk, there are maps for each major within the college. Maps are a four year, 12-semester long outline of the best sequencing of what a student in that particular major.

Whether you’re an organized student with course reference numbers written down until graduation or a undecided sophomore who’s coming up on spring semester, A&S has something for you.

Editor’s Note: This piece has been modified to replace CASA, which stands for the College of Arts & Sciences Advisement, with A&S. The latter is the most accurate reference to the College of Arts & Sciences. 

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