What We’re Lovin’: Podcasts, Netflix and stress

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Shehan Jeyarajah | Sports editor

The Starters Podcast
Funny enough, keeping up with sports can get much more difficult when you’re sports editor. To stay in the loop with the NBA, I listen to “The Starters” daily show. These guys started as basement bloggers before gaining a national following and earning a show on NBATV. The combination of basketball, Canadians and humor makes for a very watchable combo.

Rae Jefferson | A&E editor

FX’s American Horror Story
I’m obsessed with “American Horror Story” at the moment. I know, I know. “You’re a little late.” And you’re right. But I recently started watching the series on Netflix … and I haven’t stopped. The characters are compelling, and the story lines, although creepy, are relatable. In a “murder people with my mutant man-child in the basement” kind of way.

Linda Wilkins | Editor-in-chief

Reruns of USA’s Psych and NBC’s Parks and Recreations
Netflix has become my best friend, especially in the midst of procrastinating from studying for tests and writing a thesis.  My top picks for reruns are currently “Psych” and “Park and Rec”. I’m enjoying going back to the beginning of these shows – to before they gave up trying to be good. The “Parks and Rec” finalé was bleh, and the final season of “Psych” was worse. Thank you, Netflix, for allowing me to remember the good days.

Jonathon S. Platt | Web & social media editor

The RobCast with Rob Bell
Best-selling author Rob Bell started podcasting in January, and I’ve been binging all his episodes lately. Like always, Bell is challenging, but I love his ability to make me look at my faith from different angles.

Maleesa Johnson | Copy desk chief

Stress balls
We found free stress balls in the Round Up office. I’m loving that they can relieve stress in more ways than one – I can throw them at Jonathon.