Lariat Letter: Lady and Joy habitat not good enough

By Jennifer O’Conner

In their natural habitat, bears are curious and energetic animals who spend their time exploring diverse terrain, foraging for a wide variety of foods and digging in soft earth, brush and leaves. Bears are highly intelligent and capable of empathy and a wide range of feelings, including fear, joy and playfulness.

A bear’s home range is hundreds of times larger than the enclosure at Baylor. The most elaborate and expensive enclosures still can’t come close to wild animals’ rightful homes or allow them to engage in the natural activities that are vital to their health and well-being. Lady and Joy’s constant pacing is a clear sign of suffering.

Bears typically shun human contact; being on display on a busy college campus is undeniably stressful. It’s 2013: Surely this highest echelon of education can find a way to foster school spirit without compromising the well-being of animals.

Jennifer O’Conner
PETA staff writer