Lariat Letter: SLC miniature towels unnecessary

By Sydney Findley

Does anyone carry little towels with them everywhere you go? If you visit the SLC, get comfortable doing this.

I cannot count the numerous times I have forgotten to bring a towel to the SLC because I have never worked out at a gym where personal towels were required. Therefore, it is hard for me to remember to do this at Baylor.

What I can count is that I have purchased three miniature towels since coming to Baylor because of my mistake of forgetting one at my dorm or home. Is the towel rule really one that is worth implementing for students to follow?

When I asked a SLC employee the reason that they require students to bring a workout towel, she stated the idea that students will wipe down the workout machines after use to prevent the spread of germs and to follow policy. What the employees may or may not realize is that most students rarely use their towels and stuff them into the cubby holes as soon as they enter the workout area. Others often bring them to their desired piece of workout equipment and just sling it over their shoulder from one station to the next.

Therefore, I propose the rule should be eliminated. This will save students the stress of remembering a towel and money they might use to purchase extra towels.

Instead of requiring personal towels, I think the SLC should encourage the wipe-down of equipment by offering cleaning spray and paper towels in various locations in the weight room. This is the way many nationwide gyms run, including the YMCA and J’s Big Gym.

At other universities such as SMU, UT and TCU, workout towels are not required — students are just encouraged to wipe down equipment. Any idle time employees might have while working can then be used to do additional cleaning on equipment.

Will someone please consider implementing my suggestion before my house is filled with miniature towels?

Sydney Findley
Waco sophomore