The Egg and I gets you ready with the day’s most important meal

By Jenny Philen

Guest Reviewer

There’s nothing like waking up to a warm breakfast. Sizzling bacon, a fluffy home-style biscuit topped with sausage gravy, or a stack of apple cinnamon granola pancakes with cinnamon butter. You can find all this and more at Waco’s new restaurant, The Egg & I.

This breakfast bistro, located at 4600 Franklin Ave., Ste. 100, has a menu with an abundance of breakfast delights so long you won’t know what to choose.

Don’t let the strip mall exterior of this restaurant fool you. Behind that boring exterior lies the smell of fresh-ground gourmet coffees available while you wait to be seated. Additional tables outside allow customers to enjoy the comfort of “people watching” on a nice day.

The inside of this little breakfast nook is cozy and inviting. There are tables and booths, warm colors on the walls and little knickknacks and pictures placed throughout. Chickens appear as the theme of the decor, and there are as many egg puns as there are tasty buns, beginning with their “eggcellent” dishes.

As I sat in my quaint booth for two, my waitress offered me a wide variety of morning beverages. I went with the fresh-squeezed Valencia orange juice.

The children next to me ordered four hot chocolates. I watched their eyes grow wide as the whipped cream overflowed from the top of the mugs. As I went through the menu, I had trouble deciding whether to play it safe with a traditional breakfast, or be adventurous and try one of the many omelette varieties I had never even heard of before.

After much thought, I decided on the Hiker’s Benedict and the Mediterranean Frittata from the “Smarter Choices” list. The Hiker’s Benedict is a great hearty meal that has the culinary elegance of brunch: the poached eggs of a benedict, diced Canadian ham, steamed fresh asparagus spears, tomatoes and savory Portobello mushrooms all piled high on two English muffin halves. Dill hollandaise sauce was drizzled over the ensemble while two strips of bacon topped it off. The meal featured a side of roasted potatoes that was both satisfying and delectable.

The plentiful amount of protein and vegetables will fill you up for the day but not leave you so full you can’t move.

My second choice was healthier, something light and airy, but also full of flavor. The Mediterranean Frittata featured egg whites accompanied by diced grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and Greek seasoning. The side of fresh fruit included an assortment featuring melons and grapes. This is a great choice for those who want something delicate yet delicious.

My coffee cup was always full and my choices always rewarding at The Egg & I.

You’ll enjoy the casual ambiance but also appreciate the check being paid at the front, saving you time on a busy morning. After the bill is paid, you’re on your way and feeling ready to take on the day.