Tri Delta, ATO partner for first time ever

Last year, the sorority Delta Delta Delta and the fraternity Alpha Tau Omega performed individually, but this year’s performance marks the first time that the two groups have performed together.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

By Jamie Lim

All-University Sing will showcase an act that has never been seen before — a collaboration with Delta Delta Delta and Alpha Tau Omega.

Last year, the sorority and fraternity did individual Sing acts. Since they are teaming up, Tri Delta and ATO had to be creative with their act.

Jarrod Mathis, an ATO Sing chair and Waco junior, said collaborating with the women of Tri Delta brought a new dynamic to the act.

Not only was working with women for Sing something new for the men of ATO, but so was the way they approached the act.

“ATO traditionally uses lots of classic rock and has an underdog character who saves the day from some sort of villain,” Mathis said. “What I love about this year’s act with Delta Delta Delta is that we both have used our different strengths and personalities to create something unique and different.”

With everything being approached in a new and creative way, the sorority and fraternity spent a lot of time preparing for their act.

Like most fraternities and sororities, practice began once the spring semester started. They typically spent about 14 hours per week learning and polishing dance moves, as well as practicing singing.

“Practice is exhausting, both physically and mentally,” Mathis said. “We have to run and jump and perform unnatural moves, as well as follow the counts in each song and stay aware of what everyone else is doing.”

The choreography was difficult for some members because the Sing chairs worked hard to use different styles in their act.

The movements were sharp and crisp, with every motion having a count to be hit. Tri Delta and ATO many hours perfecting dance moves.

“Personally, I think the most challenging part of our act this year is all the transition changes on and off the stage, because there are so many women and men in the act,” Flower Mound junior Mikey Moulden said.

Both the fraternity and sorority wanted to execute their act perfectly. The members were extremely dedicated with their performance.

“We have practice five days a week for two hours. The first few weeks were spent learning the choreography and then we go back and clean, add group singing, and work on the theatrical side of it,” Plano sophomore Catherine West said, “We practice investing in our character.”

While practices may be strenuous for some members, many of them said practices were rewarding. On top of perfecting their act, Tri Delta and ATO were also able to bond with one another.

“I simply love the fact that I get an excuse to hang out with my favorite brothers every night, with the great addition being paired up with the beautiful ladies of Tri Delta,” Moulden said.

West said the audience will be able to relate to the theme.

Colleyville sophomore Madeline French described the act as fun, interactive, exciting and new.

“I think the audience is going to have lots of fun with the act this year,” French said. “It is very interactive and upbeat. The acts keeps you on your toes.”

Past years’ Tri Delta and ATO acts seem to have been crowd pleasers, with both making Pigskin in previous years.

The members also believe this year’s act won’t be disappointing.

“Our song choice and dancing never ceases to put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart,” Mathis said. “I know I’m a little biased, but I think the audience will thoroughly enjoy our act and be left wanting more.”