Fantasy Football Q&A Part Two

Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton, No. 1, celebrates his touchdown run against the New Orleans Saints during the third quarter of an NFL football game in Sunday Charlotte, N.C. Associated Press
Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton, No. 1, celebrates his touchdown run against the New Orleans Saints during the third quarter of an NFL football game in Sunday Charlotte, N.C. Associated Press

Here is part two of our new weekly advice column, this time with answers from A&E Editor Joshua Madden (1-4 in the Lariat Super League), sports writer Daniel Wallace (1-4) and photo editor Matt Hellman (4-1).

Today’s questions were submitted by Toby Walker, a senior economics major from Weatherford.

Q: Should owners be skeptical about Miles Austin’s ability to produce normal numbers this week against New England since it is his first week back from injury?

A: No, not at all. The Cowboys offense has been dismal at times without Austin in the weeks he has missed. Austin will provide a much-needed spark for the offense right away. Look for the Cowboys to go to Austin early and often. Austin’s numbers are typically not “normal” anyway. They are actually normally above normal. He is an elite receiver and a must-start when healthy. The Patriots defense has not been anything special this season, anyway. Quite possibly Austin will even come back stronger than before. Also, Dez Bryant is getting back to full health. The Patriots will have to pick their poison on double team coverage, but both in fact, should have at least an average day. — Daniel Wallace

Yes. Yes they should. He’s a Cowboy. Need I say more? Well, I will anyways. I have a similar story. If you’ve been watching the New York Giants, you will know Mario Manningham just came off of a pretty big injury. He did start, but only earned me one point for the entire game, and four for the second. Pretty bad, huh? — Matt Hellman

I have Miles Austin and I am starting him, but I’m not thrilled about it. If you have enough quality WRs to justify benching him, I would do it. The problem, at least for me, is that I don’t. — Joshua Madden

Q: Many owners were able to snag Cam Newton off of waivers after week one. Should they designate him the starter for every week or be prepared for his eventual ‘bust’ and evaluate the decision week by week?

A: A normal fantasy football participant would evaluate it week by week, but Lariat Super League isn’t a normal league. Matt Larsen has him in our league, and since he started Cam Newton during the third week, he has left him as a starter. Now Larsen may have been losing, but it definitely wasn’t due to Newton. Start him. He is one of the top quarterbacks this year. Also, that’s what members of this league would do. — Matt Hellman

In a league I have with my high school friends, I did exactly that and snagged Cam Newton off of the wire. He’s scored me a ton of points. Other than perhaps Aaron Rodgers, he’s no less reliable than any other quarterback, so keep starting him unless he gets injured. Let’s remember that we’re talking about the second overall scorer (Newton) in Fantasy Football right now. — Joshua Madden

Cam Newton has been nothing short of remarkably sensational this season. Considering his status as a rookie, he’s been nothing short of impressive. In our league, Newton second in total points among quarterbacks, only behind the defending Superbowl MVP, Aaron Rodgers. I know it’s only been some 5 weeks, but that’s still some elite company he is up there with. Although not proven to be a winner yet (because of the lack of talent around him), he’s proven he’s another must-start if you have him in your league. We are more than a quarter of the way through the season; that’s enough games for me. I see no signs of “bust” for Newton. Ever. —Daniel Wallace

Q: Who is this week’s waiver-wire darling?

A: RB Jackie Battle of the Kansas City Chiefs. He won’t help you one bit at all this week because he’s on a bye. But he will be a valued commodity in the coming weeks. Since Jamaal Charles went down Week One, Dexter McCluster and Thomas Jones have proven to be ineffective. Battle came in on Sunday’s game against Indianapolis only having 155 yards in his four-year career. He then exploded for 119 yards rushing on Sunday. He is definitely worth taking a look at if you are short on RB’s. Even on the bench, he could also become great trade bait if you are already set at RB. Just watch. — Daniel Wallace

Since he’s on bye this week, a lot of people aren’t paying attention to him, so I picked up Marshawn Lynch. He’s been putting up improving numbers each week and I think that he may end up being valuable. Given that he was available on the wire, it’s worth the risk because there’s no real loss. — Joshua Madden

Well I’m going to have to say Victor Cruz and the Buffalo defense since Tyler and I spent the day battling it through waivers for them. I totally beat him out with Buffalo. Unfortunately, he got Cruz. (He cheated I bet… He is an admin after all. Just kidding, Tyler, just kidding.) — Matt Hellman

I hate you, Matt. — Tyler Alley

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