Fantasy Football Q&A

Having received positive responses from our presentation of our office’s fantasy football league, we decided to expand our fantasy football coverage to an advice column.

The good news is that readers will see advice from sports editor Tyler Alley and editor-in-chief Chris Derrett, who are both 4-0 in the Lariat Super League, as well as photo editor Matt Hellman, who is 3-1.

The bad news is readers will also receive “advice” from A&E editor Joshua Madden, who is 0-4.

Q: For players with Andre Johnson on their fantasy team, who is a good dark horse receiver to pick up during his injury?

A: I’d take a look at Victor Cruz. He had a huge game two weeks ago in the Giants’ blowout of the Eagles and had another solid game last week at Arizona. He could have big games against Seattle this week and Buffalo next week, though he has a bye in three weeks. – Chris Derrett

A good darkhorse receiver, you ask? Well, Jordy Nelson has been receiving a lot of attention from Aaron Rodgers lately. If I were you, he would be my first choice. – Matt Hellman

Devery Henderson would be a good pickup for any team needing a wide receiver. Really any Saints or Packers receiver would be good since Rodgers and Brees are on fire. – Tyler Alley

Q: Is there ever a time any fantasy owner should play a member of the Seattle Seahawks on their team?

A: Sidney Rice might be worth a start against the NFC West. Other than that, not really. – Chris Derrett

There’s actually an argument to be made for using the Seahawks D this week. – Joshua Madden

If you have any Seahawks on your team, just remember: Don’t hate the player. Hate the game, and all of your players. – Matt Hellman

No… – Tyler Alley

Q: Any predictions on good fantasy players with very favorable matchups this week?

A: This is probably sort of obvious, but Aaron Rodgers and Arian Foster should both score 30+ points this week if I had to guess. – Joshua Madden

Eli Manning is going to have a great day against Seattle. By great, I mean he might get an early rest and be replaced by a fan halfway through the fourth quarter. Or third. – Chris Derrett

Drew Brees is guaranteed a good week just about every week, but he and his offense face Carolina this week. Unlike other teams, the Saints don’t just hand the ball off with a big lead, but keep on throwing. – Tyler Alley

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