Softball advances to 8-0 on the season

By Lindsay Cash

The Lady Bears softball team took on New Mexico on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at Getterman Stadium. The Lady Bears won 3-1, advancing their record to 8-0 for this season. Although this particular game wasn’t their strongest, Head Coach Glenn Moore believes the team is set for even more success.

“It’s almost easier to coach after not playing well,” Moore said.

The Lady Bears struggled offensively in the first three innings, and then kicked it into gear, earning three runs in the fourth.

“Our hitting wasn’t in sync, and we were disappointed in how we handled the changeup. It was our worst offensive game of the first eight matchups,” Moore said.

But pitchers Liz Paul and Whitney Canion were able to rally together from lack of offense to bring in the win. Paul, a freshman, pitched five shutout innings while getting her second win.

“Liz did her job, and was a bright spot in the game,” Moore said.

“It took me a few innings to turn things around, but it helped to remember to just focus, relax and pitch the way I’m supposed to pitch, it’s also nice to have Whitney,” Paul said.

Canion was able to come in the sixth inning and get the save. After throwing back-to-back games, she understands that indeed, throwing back to back may become more of a regular duty for her.

“I want to progress to throw back-to-back days. Struggling is usually a close for me, but it will happen with slowly progressing. I’ve been throwing back-to-back in the bullpen, too,” Canion said.

The Lady Bears will travel to Natchitoches, La. on Monday, Feb. 21 to take on Northwestern State.

“They beat us in the fall, and it will be good to face them at 8-0,” Moore said.

Canion is prepared to pitch on Monday, and is more than ready for the road competition.

“I like road trips,” Canion said. “They’re fun for me. I love our home field, but I like hitting the road to spend time with my team.”