A&L Tunesday: April 8

Illustration courtesy of Olivia Havre

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

Diadeloso is here! Whether you’re hanging out by the pool or watching the eclipse with friends, here are some picks for your playlist.

“BODYGUARD” by Beyoncé (March 29)

Beyoncé’s “COWBOY CARTER” is one of the most surprising albums of the year, as the queen of pop took it all the way back to her roots and went country, just to show that she could. “BODYGUARD” is one of my favorites because of its danceability and those fun, carefree backing vocals. This song is the transition from spring to summer in a nutshell.

“B2b” by Charli XCX (April 3)

Charli XCX is rolling out her new album, “Brat,” which is out June 7. “B2b” is a club hit from the hyperpop superstar that’s perfect for late nights dancing with the girls. Fresh off her “Von Dutch” remix with Addison Rae, this album is shaping up to be a quintessential staple in electronic pop for years to come.

“Good Luck, Babe!” by Chappell Roan (April 5)

Chappell Roan is the best new thing to happen to pop music in years. She’s currently killing it as the opener for Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS” tour, where she’s taken her 1980s prom-inspired haze of butterfly clips, big hair and lots of blush and glitter on the road. “Good Luck, Babe!” is reminiscent of Kate Bush and Madonna and signals the birth of a coming era of baroque pop.