African Student Association rocks runway in annual fashion showcase

Students posed in the designs after the showcase. Photo courtesy of Oghenetega Ogboru

By Jamie Barrett | Reporter

Baylor’s African Student Association hosted its annual Afrique showcase Saturday evening in Cashion Academic Center. The showcase was a representation of African culture on campus and included a fashion show, traditional African food, a DJ and competitions between guests.

Afrique used fashion as a way for students and guests to represent their culture on and off the runway by dressing in their traditional formal wear. The clothes modeled were all designs from African artists, ranging from professional business owners to high school seniors with a passion for crocheting. All of the models were students who were specifically chosen by the artists.

San Diego, Calif., senior and ASA secretary Chisom Onyia said her favorite part about the event was featuring various African cultures that may not be as well-known.

“My favorite thing about the fashion show is that we are able to showcase so many different cultures,” Onyia said. “Oftentimes, African culture looks like Nigerian culture, but [guests] are able to see sprinklings of so many different cultures.”

Different African flags lined every seat. The hosts of the event — Heartland senior and ASA president Oghenetega Ogboru and Frisco senior and ASA vice president Diuto Enyeribe — said they made sure to represent every African country at the event. They constantly shouted them out and allowed guests to talk about their country and culture to help educate those in attendance.

The event showcased a sense of community. From best-dressed competitions to technical difficulties that the hosts masked with jokes, the event creatively displayed different African cultures. The welcoming atmosphere made it possible for non-African guests to experience and learn about cultures they may not have known about on campus.

Brooklyn, N.Y., senior and ASA treasurer Emmanuel Olagunju said events like Afrique are so important in educating people of different cultures.

“It’s important to surround yourself with different cultures and immerse yourself with that new knowledge,” Olangunju said.