A&L Tunesday: Oct. 9

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

If you felt a crisp chill in the air this weekend and got unreasonably excited for fall, me too. But there’s more than just spooky season to look forward to. There’s also tons of great new music dropping to ring in the season of sweaters and pumpkin spice. Here’s the best new music from last week.

“Mosquito” by PinkPantheress (Sept. 29)

Anything by PinkPantheress immediately makes me feel like I have a fresh set of acrylic nails and a baby pink tracksuit on. “Mosquito” is the perfect intersection of sassy, romantic and cute. With her delicate vocals and catchy beats, PinkPantheress just comes out with hit after hit.

“Live For Me” by Omar Apollo (Oct. 5)

Omar Apollo may have one of the best voices out there right now, if not one of the best voices in R&B. It’s so silky-smooth and conveys a hoard of emotions in a single run. It’s never a bad song with Omar Apollo, and I love the way “Live For Me” builds up and grows with tension throughout the track.

As Omar Apollo asks the listener to live for him, it’s safe to say I live for this.

“She Calls Me Back (with Kacy Musgraces)” by Noah Kahan (Oct. 6)

The king of fall keeps collecting folk and country artists like they’re Infinity Stones. Between Zach Bryan, Hozier and Kacey Musgraves, Noah Kahan is close to controlling the world. He is inevitable.

If Kacy Musgraves were an Infinity Stone, she would have the power to control my emotions, because she already kind of does. Kacey’s voice fits so well with Noah’s, and it makes for a beautiful listen. Just imagine an autumnal drive, a pumpkin patch, a tree becoming more and more bare by the day, and you have the feeling of “She Calls Me Back.”

“People Pleaser” by Aidan Bissett (Oct. 6)

Are you a fan of The Strokes? If you answered yes, this makes you a fan of Aidan Bissett by proxy. “People Pleaser,” while catchy, is basically a Strokes outtake from “Is This It?”.

We could get into originality and all that stuff, but let’s not. Say what you want about artists with clear musical inspiration, but there are some who do this better than others, and I like The Strokes, so I’m not exactly complaining.