A&L Tunesday: April 18

Graphic illustration by Olivia Havre | Photographer

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

This week, most of us are stressing over registration times and getting into that one class you need to graduate. Chill out and trust the process with some new music.

“Chemical” by Post Malone

At first, I couldn’t believe my ears. This is Post Malone? Shockingly, yes. The king of sing-rap is back. “Chemical” is upbeat, almost Justin Bieber-esque. It’s done in Post Malone’s strong suit — a deceptively happy, pop song with bittersweet romantic lyrics.

“Watching the River Flow” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan can’t (more like won’t) show up to his Nobel Prize ceremony, but he sure can release a banger, even at 81 years old. With a distinct country flavor, “Watching the River Flow” is perfect for fans of the world’s most prolific harmonica player. Its slow, walking tempo makes it good for a day on a lake or river.

“Dancing In The Courthouse” by Dominic Fike

One of Coachella’s most anticipated artists at this year’s festival, Dominic Fike constantly proves why his rise to indie fame was swift and decisive. His newest single, along with a new unreleased track he sang on stage at Coachella, are hot contenders for song of the summer in my book.

“Moonshine” by Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is criminally underrated. The band just came out with an EP, “Wasteland,” which leaves you wanting much, much more at a curt 18 minutes. “Moonshine” is perfect, full stop. It’s happy, so pretty and has a whole ecosystem of backing instrumentals that make the very first listen a beautiful surprise.