Tri Delta hosts first annual ‘Delta Haus of Pancakes’ philanthropy event

Members of Tri Delta served pancakes to event attendees to raise money for their philanthropy Thursday. Katy Mae Turner | Photographer

By Kassidy Tsikitas | Staff Writer

Delta Delta Delta hosted its first annual “Delta Haus of Pancakes” (DHOP) from 4 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday on Fountain Mall. All the money went toward its philanthropy, St. Jude’s Research Hospitals.

In the past semesters, Tri Delta has hosted events like Delta Night Live that would later benefit St. Jude’s research.

Attendees had a variety of toppings to put on their pancake stacks. Katy Mae Turner | Photographer
Attendees had a variety of toppings to choose from at the DHOP event. Katy Mae Turner | Photographer

The sorority’s overall goal for the year is to raise $200,000 to go toward their philanthropy. DHOP costed $10 for an event pass; those who paid received pancakes and their names put into a raffle to earn a gift card among other prizes. Along with these, the event included merchandise such as t-shirts and stickers that were designed by a local St. Jude’s patient.

San Antonio senior and philanthropy chair Abby Dotter said members of Tri Delta have been working hard to advertise and put together DHOP, such as even putting together a video to interview people on whether they preferred pancakes or waffles.

Dotter said Delta members worked closely in rotations and made the pancakes in the East Village Dining Hall. She said they also put together games for the event. Along with the budget, Student Activities, the East Village event staff and Panhellenic, all donated for the occasion.

Light up letters highlighted the name of the event across Fountain Mall. Katy Mae Turner | Photographer
Custom "DHOP" letters highlighted the event across Fountain Mall in celebration of the event. Katy Mae Turner | Photographer

Dotter also said she is excited to see where DHOP’s future will be and is excited about the positive feedback it received.

“We used to do some other events that went well but didn’t go the way we wanted it to,” Dotter said. “Hearing good feedback helps to encourage us and we’re excited many of us get to experience it this year.”

The budget for DHOP was $3,000, according to Dotter, and it went toward games, food and merchandise that was made available for all of the guests.

Madison, N.J., freshman PJ Giglio said attending this event was a great time and worth it.

“It’s for the great cause of St. Jude’s, the pancakes and the atmosphere are great,” Giglio said. “All of the Tri Deltas are welcoming and kind.”

The turnout for the first annual DHOP was steady at the very beginning, Grace More, College Station senior and president of Tri Delta, said.

“We have never done anything like this before, so we’re really excited when we saw the turnout, and it has surpassed what we have imagined,” More said.

Delta Haus of Pancakes shirt and sticker, drawn by PJ.
The shirts and stickers for purchase at the event were designed by PJ, a child at St. Jude's Hospital. Katy Mae Turner | Photographer

She also said getting PJ — the artist for all t-shirts and stickers — involved in this event, was a great experience and the members of Tri Delta loved working with her.

“It gives a better perspective on why we are doing what we are doing. It creates a personal tie with her, we genuinely want to make an impact,” More said. “We want to meet kids like PJ who are significantly impacted by Saint Jude’s, it makes us want to step it up and make this event as great as possible.”