Club sports provide way to play for the love of the game

By Nick Cook | Web Editor

For many athletes, high school is the last chance for them to be on the field. But club sports allow students to still be active and play the sports they love.

Earlier this year, I wrote about the jobs I was working. Shortly after that column, I left one of those jobs for a work-from-home job. Working one less job gave me more time do be active and do the things I love. One of those things is baseball.

I’m now able to get my work done earlier and start going to more baseball and softball games. At one of those games, I met someone who gave me the opportunity to get back into the game and help coach club softball at Baylor.

I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do it at first, but I went to the first practice to see what it was all about. Afterward, I knew I wanted to keep doing it. Seeing the joy on everyone’s faces being able to play again was uplifting, especially after many of the players thought they probably would not play again.

During our first games, I could see the passion and support each one of these athletes had for each other. Despite the games not going how we would have wanted, everyone held their heads up and supported one another. I could see the bonds forming and the family being created.

Club sports are just like any other club on campus and a way for people to connect with those who enjoy the same things. They create friendships that last well after college.

For many of these students, this will probably be the last opportunity to play these sports at a competitive level. Even though this sad thought may be true, they are all out there trying to have fun and creating life-long friendships.

These student athletes don’t compete to be famous or get scholarships. They go out and compete every day for the love of the game.

It brought back the passion I used to have for sports. It brought back the love I had and the memories it created. So, even if you don’t know anyone on a club team or anything about the sport, find out what time their games or meets are and go support club athletes.