Chamber of Commerce hosts Diadeloso for first time after hazing incident

A member of the Chamber of Commerce throws up a "Sic 'Em" in front of the handmade "DIA" letters that stood on Fountain Mall throughout the event. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor

By Raylee Foster | Staff Writer

Baylor’s Chamber of Commerce hosted this year’s Diadeloso after a year’s absence due to a hazing incident. The event included new attractions and specifically all-day live music.

Last year, Diadeloso was hosted by Student Activities due to a hazing report against the Chamber of Commerce. The year before that, in 2021, the organization had to plan the event with precautions due to COVID-19.

With a new body comprising the Chamber of Commerce this year and new people behind the scenes organizing the events, the 2023 celebration included new attractions, including all-day live music and animals on campus.

Diadeloso is a tradition that began in 1932 during the Great Depression in an attempt to provide a break for students during this stressful time. Its name evolved over the years, and ‘Diadeloso’ was finalized in 1966. Even though much has changed since the celebration began, the heart of Diadeloso is still a day free of academic chaos and full of community.

“Every college student could use a break this time of year. Thank you, Baylor, for continuing to give students this day of celebration and relaxation. Life can be chaotic and stressful, but for Baylor students, there’s always one day a year that isn’t: Diadeloso,” Baylor’s website states.

Boerne senior and Chamber of Commerce member Scott Standerfer said the main goal in every aspect of their plan is to include activities students would enjoy.

“We’re just trying to figure out what we want and how to piece it all together when we don’t really have a blueprint,” Standerfer said. “Everything is with the students in mind so any decision we make is just, ‘Is this fun?’ And, ‘Is this fun for me or will it be fun for everybody?’ Because we want this to be fun for all students.”

While creating their outline for the celebration, Standerfer said the Chamber of Commerce decided the music would look different this year. Instead of only hosting a concert at the end of the day, there would be live music throughout the entire event.

“The all-day music is definitely the newest thing,” Standerfer said. “Normally it’s been a headliner at the end of the day … [but this year we decided to] support local artists and student bands by just having a whole day of local music.”

Flower Mound sophomore and Chamber of Commerce member Emily Nownes said Diadeloso is a special event because it is uniquely designed for students. She said other events usually include the community beyond the student body, but Dia is a celebration specific to bringing joy to students.

Nownes said Diadeloso has stayed true to its original intention, and is a day where students can take time off from the chaos of life and celebrate with one another.

“Everyone is supposed to be having fun and not worry about classes or stress about anything,” Nownes said. “It’s just another great moment just for students to come out and have fun together. … There’s obviously Family Weekend and Homecoming, but that’s [for] the community and all of the families. This is specifically for the students, and I think it’s a really fun campus energy to have.”