Baylor brings live music, games, free food for 91st Diadeloso

Students have the opportunity to engage in all sorts of activities on Dia, including a bird enclosure on campus. Lariat file photo

By Sydney Matthews | Staff Writer

Baylor will be hosting its traditional Diadeloso Tuesday, an event that was started 91 years ago and is beloved by students across campus. The “Day of the Bear” will include a schedule of events, attractions, games and a free lunch for students who attend.

The tradition was founded back in the 1930s by then-Baylor President Pat Neff. He declared the university would suspend all classes for one day for fellowship between the student body. Baylor students during the 1930s had witnessed and experienced the Great Depression, World War 1 and, just before the graduating ceremonies of 1931, the loss of Baylor President Samuel Palmer Brooks.

Now, Baylor celebrates Dia as a way for students to bond with one another and celebrate what it means to be a Baylor Bear. Situated arguably in the most stressful point in the school year, Dia provides a break for students in the midst of the chaos.

Lariat File Photos
Many games and activities are brought to campus on Dia, including a ferris wheel for students and the Baylor community to enjoy. Lariat file photo

Boerne senior and Dia Chairman Scott Standerfer said he believes what makes Dia very important to Baylor is that it’s a student appreciation event above all.

“If you haven’t been to Dia before, it’s not just a celebration of Baylor, it’s a celebration of the students at Baylor,” Standerfer said. “So, the vision is always about what the students will enjoy.”

Standerfer also said there will be an emphasis on live music this year. He said one of the goals of this year’s Dia is to promote local and student bands because the event works to support the community, including faculty and students who want to get involved.

“I love Dia because I get to take a break from classes and spend time with my friends. Even if I am not attending the events on campus, it is a time to take a break from the business of school,” Knoxville, Tenn., sophomore Conner Frost said.

Frost also said last year, he had a lot of fun attending the on-campus events. Although he wants to attend all the events happening during Dia like he did in 2022, he said he has to catch up on studying this time around.

“This will be my first Dia, so I am really excited to see what it is all about. I have been hearing about it all year and I think my friends and I will have a great time,” Brambleton, Va., freshman Bryan Steele said.

Steele said he is most excited for all of the attractions that will be on campus and the free meal that will be provided. He said he really wants to watch the Dia Cup Tournaments and overall just experience every aspect of Dia.

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Diadeloso often brings animals to campus for students and the Baylor family to interact with, and one of the main attractions are goats. Lariat file photo

Standerfer said if any student ever wants to get involved in Dia, they should reach out to Baylor’s Chamber of Commerce.

“The best way is to reach out to the Baylor Chamber email or through the Dia Instagram page,” Standerfer said. “If students are wanting to create Dia and are interested in all of the traditions, then going through Chamber recruitment is the best way to get involved.”