Out-of-state students nestle in for Waco staycation

Photo illustration by Grace Everett | Photographer

By Maximilian Diehl | Staff Writer

Spring break is here, and with it comes a plethora of different plans for the Baylor community. Many students leave campus when this time of year comes around, opting to go home, head out on vacation or even stay in Waco. Some of the students who chose to stick around Waco are from outside of Texas, or even out of country.

As both Baylor and Waco continue to grow, the community becomes more accessible to college students in terms of recreational and leisure activities, meaning the city is more enjoyable than ever.

Students staycationing over a week-long break opens up an opportunity to explore the city. Many students said Top Golf, Cinemark and Main Event — as well as some of Waco’s more well-known haunts like the walking trails in Cameron Park, the Magnolia Silos and the artsy coffee shops around town — are some of the places they plan to visit during the break.

“My week will be spent between Cameron Park and trying to explore some of the coffee shops I haven’t quite had a chance to go to,” San Francisco sophomore Cheyenne Garza said. “It’ll also be great to have a chance to catch up on homework.”

For many students, a spring break staycation does provide a perfect opportunity to do homework, as well as get some rest at an integral midpoint in the semester. With nine full days off, the opportunity for catching up on recently released movies and TV shows is also readily available.

“Sleep and binge watching ‘Outer Banks’ also look to be in the cards,” Garza said.

Other students staying in Waco have family come into town, giving their family a view into their life as a student.

Kenya senior Jonathan Mwangi said he plans on bringing his family to some of Waco’s most famous spots for a true taste of this college town.

“I’m really excited for my family to finally come into town, getting a chance to show them my home away from home,” Mwangi said. “I’ll definitely have to bring them to Magnolia and give them a tour of campus.”