How to spring back after break

By Tatum Mitchell | Opinion Editor

I’m an overthinker, and it makes me an overpacker. I shove things into my suitcase until I have to sit on top of it and wrestle with the entire bag until it completely zips. It’s almost as if I truly believe I will change my outfit 10 times a day every day of the trip.

Coming back from any vacation, my very large, very packed suitcase stays on my bedroom floor for much longer than I’d like to admit. The thought of unpacking, sorting through the clothes and doing laundry haunts me (but, unfortunately, not enough to make me do it in a timely fashion). I would seriously call it the elephant in the room.

My habit of overpacking and leaving the remains of my trip untouched for days at a time is something I’ve tried to combat over the years. Through this, I’ve noticed returning from a trip or break from school is incredibly difficult, and it’s not limited to my avoidance of unpacking.

Most people say breaks are supposed to be restful and refreshing, but I’ve had the opposite experience, even if I use the time to sleep and take care of myself.

Breaks seem to roll around right when I’m feeling the most burned out. Whenever I’m dragging my feet on my way to class, feeling overwhelmed and generally exhausted, I love a good countdown to break. So why do I come back feeling worse than I did before leaving for a week?

Yes, it’s nice to get away from school for a little, but it can be really hard to get back into the swing of things after vegging out for a handful of days.

Most college students have a lot of routine in their life: class at the same time on the same days, meetings, friends, commitments and other habits. Spring break is a disruption to your routine, and it’s understandably difficult to hit pause for a week and be expected to bounce back right away.

As someone who ignores their still-packed suitcase, I know how challenging coming back and getting organized after spring break is; I’ve learned from experience. Personally, I like to come back with a day to spare so that I don’t have to immediately jump into the first week back.

To make the transition easier, dedicate one full day to bouncing back and unpacking.

I can’t say I’ve ever unpacked or thought about unpacking the day after getting back to school, but my personal goal is to have it done within a week. Schedule a laundry and organization day for yourself to gradually get things together.

Sit down and plan your week following a break and take time to recuperate from any travel.

Changing up routines can be healthy, just be sure to prepare yourself to get back to it — and don’t procrastinate unpacking.

I am the Opinion Editor for the 2022-2023 school year. I'm on the equestrian team at Baylor (I'm passionate about defying the horse girl stereotype), and last semester I was a News Writer on staff. I was also a part of Bears Helping Babies, a student-led fundraiser for the children and families of Ukraine. I'm so excited for another year participating in athletics and in the journalism department. Before college, I was the Editor-in-Chief of a student newspaper and was on a competitive journalism team for news writing. I love designing, writing and everything about working on a student newspaper. Over the summer I was an intern at The Plaid Horse magazine. I wrote press releases, features articles, managed social media accounts and took part in a weeklong non-profit event for young equestrians. Combining my passion for horses and journalism was a great experience. In the future, I'm hoping to be immersed in the professional multimedia environment and eventually go to graduate or law school. I'm looking forward to another year on staff and learning alongside everyone!