A&L Desk recs: Our spring break plans

Graphic illustration by Grace Everett | Photographer

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

As campus prepares to take off on spring break adventures, this Arts and Life desk is no different. Here is where we plan to let this vacation take us:

Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

As much as I love vacations, I also love my down time. This spring break, I’ll be resting up at home, catching up on work without the pressure of deadlines. I can’t wait to be enjoying some time away from the rush and busyness of Baylor.

I’m looking forward to meeting my cat at the door, and then having him ignore me for the rest of my time at home.

Something I often miss while away at college are my usual hobbies. When I’m home, I devour a book or two, paint and bake more often than I’m able to while in Waco due to the pressures of being a college student. I’ll be taking this break as a way to get in touch with my more creative side that takes the back burner during classes.

Olivia Turner | Arts and Life Writer

On my long-awaited week off, I plan to visit Garner State Park for a camping trip with my friends. The great thing about Garner is that you can choose the level of how far off the grid you want to go. You can go “glamping” in a bougie cabin complete with electricity, plumbing and wifi, or be out in the sticks with nothing but a tent, fire and nature to keep you company. These options are perfect for people like me, who still have work to do over the break, but want to do so in a folding chair with my toes cooling in the Frio River.

Garner State Park allows for all the typical riverside activities, such as fishing, tubing, boating and hiking. As someone who loves the trails, I hope to hike high and low, exploring both Mt. Old Baldy and Crystal Cave. Whether you’re an adventurer or a “glamper” at heart, Garner’s got something for everyone.

Max Diehl | Arts and Life Writer

Just like that, it’s hot again in Texas. Every year, always waiting, the heat comes back with a vengeance. And every year, I spend as much time trying to get away from it as I possibly can. This year, a budget trip to Colorado seems to be in the cards. I’ll be driving up and car camping along the way and staying with an old friend from home who is living in Golden, Colo., just outside of Denver.

Once there, I plan to drive up into the mountains and get a couple of good days of skiing in, hoping to catch that perfect moment in time where there is still snow falling, but the powder is starting to drift away into a slush soft enough that you almost want to fall. Or, maybe, rather than a grand getaway, I’ll just stay home and watch “Ted Lasso” with my dogs. If that’s the way things go, some great Thai food and family time would also be on the table. Either way, Spring Break 2023 looks to be one of fun and comfort.