Best bathrooms on campus

By Brady Small | LTVN Reporter/Anchor

From the Baylor Science Building to the Paul L. Foster Success Center, this campus has some extremely interesting architecture when it comes to bathrooms. If you’re an incoming student or a curious returning student wondering where the No. 1 place to go number two is, I got you.

No. 1: Paul L. Foster Success Center

This is named perfectly because it is a fantastic place to do your business. The pristine white walls surrounding the clean and sanitary bathrooms lend security for a student before or after a difficult class.

No. 2: Moody Memorial Library, specifically the first floor.

A library is where someone goes to be alone in their thoughts and for some peace and quiet. That’s exactly what these bathrooms offer you. With a walk down a dark and narrow hallway that makes you question if you’re actually going to the bathroom or if you took a wrong turn somewhere, the payoff is huge as you soon realize you are usually alone and have the whole bathroom to yourself.

No. 3: Bill Daniel Student Center

I put the SUB third on my list because the white bathrooms give the mind a sense of cleanliness and shows they are well taken care of.

No. 4: McLane Student Life Center

The SLC bathrooms do the job and are small enough to discourage it from being crowded. I have been to a lot of gym bathrooms, and this is the best one I have been to so far.

No. 5: Penland Dining Hall

The large quantity of stalls add a large part to the ranking on this list and is almost never too crowded. The gray stalls make this a quiet place with the sole purpose of using the bathroom.

Honorable mentions: First floors of Penland Residence Hall and North Russel Residence Hall

Thank you for your time. I hope to encourage you to reach out and try a bathroom you haven’t before.