Hold us accountable; here are our New Year’s resolutions

Gwen Ueding | Cartoonist

By The Editorial Board

The Lariat has already published plenty about New Year’s resolutions of all kinds and how to stay on top of them. Now, as The Editorial Board, we’re asking you to be our accountability partner with our own resolutions. Check back at the end of the semester to see how we’re doing at staying true to these goals.

Rachel Royster | Editor-in-Chief

Not to shy away from prioritizing my career

  • This resolution really isn’t for everyone, but for myself and what my goals are in life. I know I need to act with confidence now in order to accomplish what I want to in the next few years. My fear of rejection tends to get the best of me when it comes to applying for internships, so I only apply for “safety” jobs that I know I have a good chance of being offered. In order to achieve my end goal of being the editor of a big city paper though, I need to start making money moves and that will only happen if I apply to internships and study abroad opportunities with my mind set on giving them my all.

Update my car’s inspection sticker

  • Okay, hear me out with this one. My car is completely up-to-date with the inspections, but my sticker still says “12/21” because I lost the sticker for 2022 and now I just haven’t mailed in the paperwork to get the 2023 sticker. I know it’s something I just need to decide to do, but it constantly slips my mind until I get in my car to go somewhere I’m already late to. In my mind, I know my car has already gotten towed because the sticker wasn’t updated, and I can’t deal with that again, so by the end of 2023, I hope to be the proud owner of a “12/23” inspection sticker. In the meantime, Waco towing services, please don’t come for me.

Go to church every Sunday

  • Over the course of college, I’ve struggled a lot in my faith because of the religious culture shock that going to Baylor comes with. I’ve church hopped and met with people I look up to in my faith and am finally at a place where I want to go to church regularly for the right reasons without looking for the social validation I did before. While you may think it’s contradictory to literally write about this goal publicly, I know that before, I wouldn’t have been able to make such a commitment to learning more about my faith so openly.

Tatum Mitchell | Opinion Editor

Keep my car clean

  • I’ve decided the mountain of cups, jackets and wrappers that have made the backseat of my car their permanent residence must be dealt with. First of all, it’s awkward and embarrassing whenever someone gets into my car. I have to throw handfuls of things to the back. How the random collection of things made their way into my car, I have no idea , but for the New Year I am going to declutter my Chrysler. At the end of each day, I plan to take everything extra in my car into my house and trash the wrappers and Starbucks cups.

Speak more positively

  • Complaining is just so easy. “I’m tired, I’m hungry, oh my gosh I don’t want to go to class, I’m so stressed,” and the list goes on. These little comments and negativity are too present in my daily life. I want to express more daily gratitude and think twice before spewing unproductive complaints to whoever will listen. Incorporating positivity and venting in a healthy, productive way is something I am looking forward to working on this year.

Learn how to budget

  • As a college student on a tight budget, you’d think I would have some concept of saving money. Shocking news: I do not. The extra sweet treats and cute knick knacks menace my bank account. Is this my fault? Perhaps. But instead of swiping my card willy-nilly and hoping it doesn’t decline, I plan to learn about budgeting and saving money on a monthly basis.

Nate Smith | LTVN Executive Producer

Teach my dog how to open the fridge

  • Can your dog fetch you your drink of choice from the fridge? For the time being, mine can’t either. But before I can teach her to grab drinks, she first has to learn to open the fridge. In addition to being a cool party trick, I think she’ll appreciate having another job around the house.

Get to class at least five minutes early

  • For the last three and a half years, I have been the guy who slides through the door for every class exactly on time. While there’s nothing wrong with that, getting in the habit of showing up a few minutes early will definitely make it easier for me to be prepared to actually start class when it begins.

Cut down to one caffeinated drink a day

  • Anyone who knows me knows that more often than not, you’ll catch me with either a coffee or my energy drink of choice in my hand. Far too often, you’ll see me with a coffee during one part of the day and an energy drink later on. It goes without saying that this isn’t sustainable for a variety of reasons. I’d rather not have my heart fly out of my chest one day due to the obscene amounts of caffeine I consume.

Ana Ruiz Brictson | News Editor

Run a half marathon

  • There’s much more to running a half marathon than just showing up the day of the race and doing it. Having this goal requires a lot of discipline that needs to be developed months before. For me, it requires waking up at 6 a.m. to train because that’s the only time I am able to, and it’s a great start to the day. It requires getting enough sleep, eating relatively healthy meals and having the willpower to say ‘no’ to a lot of things I want to say ‘yes’ to.

Fix my sleep schedule

  • My sleep schedule has always been a mess. Between scrolling through TikTok for countless amounts of time, working long hours, hanging out with friends, overthinking or just binge watching a really good show, I constantly make the choice to ruin a sleep schedule that could be perfectly fine if I set it as a priority.

Be more in contact with my family

  • Do you ever tell yourself you are going to text or call that family member today and then you end up not doing it? Well, it happens to me all the time. When I end up going back home for any break, I never fail to receive a complaint that I haven’t been as much in touch with people as I should. I hope to actually pull through and change that old habit of disappearing for months until it’s time for me to actually go back.

Emma Weidmann | Arts & Life Editor

Go to the gym

  • Spring semester tends to be more stressful for me than the fall. It feels like there’s an added pressure and urgency to classes as we approach Diadeloso, spring break and summer vacation. Going to the gym more often this semester is a good way to decompress from the stress of college life while still being productive. I’m looking at you, TikTok.

Keep my room clean

  • Hand-in-hand with forgetting to exercise is forgetting to clean my room. When I’m stressed, it can be so easy to let my environment get way out of control. In my most hectic moments, my room can turn into ground zero of a natural disaster, which only adds to my stress. It’s funny how that works out.

Pack my own lunch

  • My most toxic trait? Forgetting to eat breakfast and lunch until I’m sitting in a class that’s longer than an hour, wondering why I’m light-headed, then absolutely draining my bank account on fast food. On a less dramatic note, a lot of students swing by the SUB Chick-fil-A for a quick bite before heading off campus or in between classes. But, this can get really expensive as the semester drags on, so this is the resolution my wallet will thank me for most.

Gwen Ueding | Cartoonist

Get married

  • I am currently engaged to my wonderful fiancé and we will be getting married in August. My goal is to get through the stress of wedding planning and the heat of summer and marry my best friend.

Clean my room or else I get slapped

  • I currently am the messiest person I know. This became my shame when I realized that it had become a personality trait. My goal is to keep my room relatively clean in a sustainable way. If it is not up to my friend’s standards, they are allowed to slap me. So far, I have received one slap.

Make food, don’t starve

  • Last semester, I managed to go to the grocery store about once a month and lived off of the free food that somehow finds me. I lost weight and was not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, despite the fact that I actually love cooking. I hope to go back to my past habit of cooking for myself weekly.