Column: Tips for creating perfect fall wardrobe

Stay up to date on fall fashion. Photo illustration by Olivia Havre | Photographer

By Kameron Brooke | Reporter

Fall is a season of warm feelings, excitement, cheerfulness and optimism. Warm-colored leaves are falling, Starbucks’ famous pumpkin spice lattes are back and the weather is cooling down. With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s time your outfits matched the aesthetic.

Pay attention to the weather

One day it can be warm, the next it can be raining or windy, and looking at that ahead of time can make it easier to plan out your outfit. It can also make the outfit you’re wearing more enjoyable.

Pick staple pieces that pair well together and can be mixed and matched for different looks

The main closet essential for the fall season, albeit obvious, is knitwear. It’s cozy, can be layered with multiple pieces for days when the weather fluctuates and looks great when styled correctly. You can pair it with a long denim skirt, some corduroy pants or some comfortable leggings. It comes down to what style you want to exude.

Knitwear can be worn no matter the season but when styling it for fall, colors are everything. There isn’t just one fall color palette, one must find what works for who they are. However, if you’re unsure about what goes together, some combinations to start with are neutrals. Brown, cream, grey, black and white are simple colors that are easy to find and can be paired interchangeably.

Another closet staple is denim; it can be paired with anything, dressed up or down. You can pair your favorite jeans with a white top and a leather jacket or with a simple button-down and a sweater vest.

Typically, the more detailed the jeans, the simpler the top, but you can always dress up your denim with heels or jewelry so long as you don’t pair over-the-top denim with over-the-top accessories.

Some additional closet staples that can be styled with anything and are easy to find are striped T-shirts, which have become a symbol of timeless French fashion and is a very important element in many Vogue Editor’s closets.”

A classic coat is a timeless piece that will keep you warm and layer over other pieces, and a turtleneck adds a sophisticated element to any outfit and can be dressed up or down as well.

Shoes and accessories are just as important as clothing too

A pair of boots brings any fall outfit together as well as any neutral-colored shoe. When picking jewelry, whatever goes with your skin tone is best. Some people prefer gold, others silver, but having a selection of rings or a nice necklace can put your outfit over the top. A pair of simple earrings and all-black glasses, are easy-to-get accessories that flatter any outfit and face shape.

These fall closet staples can be found anywhere but Cider, ZARA and MICAS are a few places to start. Staples are the easiest way to build your wardrobe for any aesthetic because they can be found in almost any clothing store and can be reused/reinvented depending on the season.

Lanham, Md. seniors and twin sisters Marie and Annette Moukoury are passionate about fashion. Here are a few of their helpful tips about how they dress for the fall season.

Marie: “We always wear neutrals except for green and occasionally blue, which is usually denim. I like to buy neutral staple pieces because all of your clothes kind of match, you save money and produce less waste.”

Annette: “Not everyone wears neutral colors so find complimentary colors and make sure everything goes together and always accessorize. Style is what you make it, trust your own style and develop it, if you’re confident people will appreciate it. Just have fun and explore.”