Early bird gets things done

By Gillian Taylor | Staff Writer

I’m not saying it’s easy, and I’m not saying it’s a cure-all, but waking up early can help you increase your productivity and start your morning with a surge of energy.

As a former night owl, I know there are benefits to both sides of the argument. Staying up late fit my college timeline. A lot of college life begins in the evening when classes end, and I was able to unwind with my friends after a stressful day and attend various nightlife activities.

However, with this schedule, I often slept through my mornings, and I felt like I lacked drive. I think my brain is wired to shut off after 10 p.m., which is very inconvenient and inconsiderate. I’m learning to work around this time frame.

While trying to juggle all the activities, clubs and classes of my senior year, I have recently begun the torturous process of switching from a night owl to an early bird. To my surprise, these two birds are very different.

I’ll admit the first few weeks were horrid. I forced myself to sign up for morning workout classes so I would get fined if I missed. I woke up every morning with a grudge against my yesterday’s self (whose idea it was). But in a very subtle and drawn-out process, I found myself beginning to enjoy those early mornings.

I have found ample time in my mornings to do whatever I need because I only have afternoon classes this semester. I felt it was much easier to balance my busy lifestyle when I was able to tackle tasks first thing in the morning. I could additionally enjoy the rest of my day relatively free from stress.

My mental health also changed. I’m not sure if it was solely due to having a routine for the first time maybe ever or if the morning air has some sort of power, but I noticed I was more positive, and my anxiety settled.

I’m sure waking up early isn’t the answer to all of your prayers. An early morning might not be plausible with everyone’s schedule, but if you find yourself struggling to find enough hours in the day to complete tasks, a few extra hours in the morning may give you the boosted productivity needed to tackle your day-to-day.