Saying ‘no’ could lead to more balance, less chaos

By Grace Fortier | Photographer

Our actions right now in college will determine how we act in our careers later down the road. College students are at the point in their lives where they need to start acting like balanced adults — even if many don’t.

Being a college student is hard. Managing classes, friends and work is hard. Oftentimes we are quick to agree to do things when we have a million other tasks on our plate. During my few years in college, I’ve realized how important it is to say “no” sometimes to maintain a balance.

Constantly agreeing to attend meetings, help out a coworker or even grab coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while can quickly become overwhelming. Our minds want us to go, even if we have an eight-page paper due at 11:59 p.m. I think you really have to put your priorities in check in these situations by weighing out the pros and cons, discussing what’s more important and what’s pushing you toward your goals. While hanging out with a friend is more fun and enjoyable, completing an assignment will allow for more success in that class, which will allow for more success in your future career.

One of my biggest tips for being able to focus on school while also setting away time to be social is to have a specific morning routine.

Some things to implement into your morning routine are waking up earlier, starting your day off by studying and scheduling meetings or appointments. When you have a reason to get up, you will get up, leading to a more productive day overall. The days I wake up at 8 a.m., run to get a coffee and head to Moody Memorial Library for a few hours are my most productive days.

While I don’t always have an early meeting or appointment, I will wake up to the idea of going to get a coffee. By waking up early and focusing on school in the morning, you have more time to hang out with friends at night. If you’re someone who is involved in different organizations, most meetings are at night after class hours. Going to these meetings and not having to worry about getting home to finish an assignment is crucial for balancing your time. Between school and being social with friends, everyone must find their own balance and their own routine.