Review: You knead to try these biscuits

Butter My Biscuit is a southern cafe located on Valley Mills Drive that serves biscuits and more. Photo by Avery Ballmann | Staff Writer

By Avery Ballmann | Staff Writer

Arriving at Butter My Biscuit, my roommates and I thought we mapped the wrong address. This cafe is a storefront for a gaming store, King’s Landing, though they probably share rent, they don’t share the same qualities.

Butter My Biscuit is a southern-style cafe located at 1427 S. Valley Mills Drive. I thought the restaurant had an odd setup since there are only a few tables and the inside feels grim. But as we were waiting to be seated, the fluffy buttery biscuits being taken to the table next to the host stand brightened up the room and increased our appetites.

We were sat by a kind host who made the place feel warm and homey. He grabbed our drinks, which were orange juice, an iced caramel latte and I ordered a Dr Pepper. The cups were so cute with the bright yellow and blue logo which is why we wished the atmosphere inside the restaurant matched the food and the menu.

We then perused the menu which had lunch and breakfast options. My roommates and I ended up ordering all breakfast foods even though it was noon. The food came out quickly and our substitutions were correct. Our waitress, Heaven, made us feel like we were in heaven.

Loaded Cheesy Grits Bowl

Grace is an avid fan of grits, and her eyes lit up as she saw a separate section for this southern delicacy on the menu. If you aren’t from the South, grits are a porridge made from cornmeal, so basically savory oatmeal. She ordered the loaded cheesy grits bowl with a side of bacon. The grits weren’t just regular grits, they had pimento cheese and sour cream. Grace said the food was creative and innovative, but the atmosphere of the restaurant did not match the quality of the food. She rated Butter My Biscuit a 4.5 out of 5 due to the building style and layout.

Honey Butter Biscuits and Cheesy Grits

Anna decided to recreate her favorite breakfast order from Whataburger. She ordered two biscuits with a side of honey, butter and cheesy grits. Anna said she loved how soft and buttery the biscuits were and she liked the addition of the honey. This brunch was Anna’s first time trying grits and she was “pleasantly surprised” at how good they were. Anna also liked how friendly the staff was and she said she will be taking her parents here next time they visit. She rated this cafe a 5 out of 5.

The Separatist

Kristen couldn’t decide what she wanted since the menu was so large. She ended up ordering a breakfast plate with a variety of sides. This dish had biscuits, bacon, cheese grits, a side of gravy and an over-hard egg. Kristen said she liked the eggs and the consistency of the biscuits. Despite all our opinions regarding the inside of the restaurant, Kristen thought it was cool. She enjoyed the friendly workers and her orange juice. She rated Butter My Biscuit a 4.5 out of 5.

The Boss Boy

I have anticipated trying this restaurant for quite some time. I am a sucker for biscuits and I was not disappointed by theirs. I ordered the Boss Boy which came with a biscuit, potatoes, bacon, gravy and scrambled eggs. The biscuits were so fluffy on the inside and I enjoyed the crunchier top. They must infuse these biscuits with butter because they are so delicious. I do wish my potatoes were a bit crispier and more plentiful. Overall, I loved this plate because of the variety and classic sides. I would rate Butter My Biscuit a 4.5 out of 5 due to the decorations and potatoes.

Though the aesthetic of Butter My Biscuit isn’t Instagram-worthy, the food certainly is. This cafe is close to campus and is a contender for weekend brunch plans. I do hope that this restaurant will have a storefront of its own in the future and can showcase its amazing food.