Not everyone needs to know all your business

By Gio Gennero | Sports Writer

Not everyone needs to know your business, and keeping to yourself shouldn’t be a problem. You can be extroverted and close to your friends without telling them every little thing that happens in your life.

Personally, I see myself as a pretty nice person who talks to a good amount of people who I consider my friends. However, there are levels to being friends. There are a lot of people who I enjoy being around and joking with, but that doesn’t mean I want to share my personal business with them.

I grew up being taught to keep family business in the family — and even further, to keep personal business to yourself. Outside of venting to one of your closest friends, there is no good reason to put your business out there.

I understand that sometimes you just need to vent, and there is nothing wrong with that. I only suggest being careful with who you vent to, because the next thing you know, all of your business can be floating around when that’s exactly what you didn’t want. As bad as it might sound, not everyone is your best friend, and not everyone has the best intentions.

If you want to let your business out, find a couple of people who you truly trust, and let them in; don’t keep things bottled up. However, make sure you’re comfortable with them knowing what you’re sharing. I also suggest telling someone you trust who is impartial. If you have a good friend who isn’t necessarily involved in your other friend group or business, then that one friend could go a long way in terms of being an outlet.

Nothing bad can come from keeping things to yourself and a small circle. You can still form good friendships with people, hang out with them and have great times with them without them knowing everything about your life. This is the way I prefer it — I have genuine love for a lot of people, and I’m there for them if they ever need me, and I know they return that sentiment, but I also know that doesn’t change with how many secrets we share with each other.

This doesn’t mean to be mean to everyone asking you about your day or wanting to get to know you. You can still be nice to everyone while keeping to yourself. It simply means to be careful with who you tell your business to and how much you tell them because not everyone needs to know all your business.