Her Campus Baylor pumps up for Pink Party

Her Campus Baylor is hosting a Pink Party from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on March 16 at Fountain Mall. Photo courtesy of Her Campus Baylor

By Luke Araujo | Staff Writer

Her Campus Baylor is hosting a Pink Party from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on March 16 at Fountain Mall. The organization is a college chapter of the national Her Campus — the No. 1 media site for college women.

The Pink Party will include a pop-up thrift store, games and food.

According to Willis senior and chapter vice president Ali McNew, the Her Campus organization, focused on women empowerment, is a blog “written for women, by women.”

“We want to make college women feel heard and supported,” McNew said. “A lot of our content is articles that might be considered taboo or not proper for women to talk about in society’s standards. We write about things that most people do not, anywhere from mental health to sex and relationships. Our mission is to empower women and make sure they do not feel alone.”

Dallas sophomore and chapter event planning director Daja White said all who are interested are welcome to attend, regardless of the focus of the organization being women empowerment.

“It is for everyone,” White said. “We just want to make it an exciting social event for people to come out to. In the thrift store, we will have some guys’ clothes to sell too.”

White said the main purpose of the party is raising money through the pop-up thrift store, which will allow them to host a future event centered on women empowerment.

“We’re trying to get more people to join our organization,” White said. “We’re also doing it to have fun with our friends.”

McNew said the event has been hosted once before, in 2019.

“Unfortunately, since then, we haven’t been able to host it because of COVID-19,” McNew said. “This will be the first time for this new group of Her Campus members.”

White, who is behind the planning and execution of the party, said timing the party has been a difficult affair.

“This is originally an event we wanted to do last semester,” White said. “We scheduled it twice last semester, but it got postponed and then canceled due to different events going on at the same time. This semester, we have had to reschedule it once already, because that day was cold and rainy. It has been difficult, but we are excited to get to have it finally.”