Spring into cleaning

Spring break is the perfect time to catch up on studying or to clean up your space. Grace Fortier | Photographer

By Avery Ballmann | Staff Writer

Spring break is this weekend and before students realize, finals will be approaching quickly. So to help students out, a pre-spring break cleaning should be on the docket before they return home. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible.

The main points of contact will be the kitchen, bathroom, closet/bedroom and drawers. Supplies that will be helpful are your favorite cleaning products, trash or bags, paper towels and a whole lot of patience.

As to-go and Tupperware containers stockpile the back of our fridges it’s time to assess their damage. Take every item out of your fridge and place them on the counter. If the container is growing a new bacteria, it might be best to throw the whole thing out. Wipe down all of the shelves and drawers with a wet washcloth. If your fridge doesn’t smell the best, put some baking soda in a small bowl to get rid of the unwanted odor. Try your best this week to cook all of your perishable food so it doesn’t spoil while you’re away for spring break.

Next to clean is the bathroom. This is a great time to replace hygiene items such as razors, toothbrushes and hairbrushes that haven’t been changed since you moved in. Use that old toothbrush to scrub around the sink and hard-to-reach places.

This is a gentle reminder to really deep clean places that have been neglected. Also check the quality of your shower curtain; if it looks yellow or is growing mold it’s time to purchase a new one.

While you’re next to the shower, you probably have bath rugs, so throw those in the washer while you’re cleaning. Be sure to read the tags and follow the wash instructions. A product I like to use while cleaning the bathroom is a bleach multi-surface cleaner in order to get soap scum out of the shower and sink. Also, using glass cleaner to clean mirrors and sink fixtures gives the room that extra sparkle.

The next room in the house to clean is your bedroom and closet. While you’re cleaning, throw your sheets and pillowcases in the wash, be sure to flip your mattress, which improves its longevity.

For the closet, get rid of winter items that you have not worn yet. This can include clothing items, accessories and shoes. If you take your unwanted items to Goodwill at 1700 S. New Road you will get a 20% off coupon when you donate. If you have items that are worth something, you can take them to Plato’s Closet and try to make some extra cash while you clean.

In your room get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose or don’t bring you joy. According to the Mayo Clinic, decluttering your space can have positive effects on your mental health such as reducing stress levels and working more efficiently. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore.

It can be a form of self-care and respecting the space you live in. Pick out a fun playlist and get to scrubbing, you deserve a clean environment.