The clock is the enemy: Seniors fight to finish their Baylor bucket lists

As the spring semester comes to an end, Ashburn, Virginia senior Ashley Glausier and other Spring graduates work to accomplish the final activities on their Baylor bucket lists. Christina Cannady | Photographer

By Caitlin Erramouspe | Writer

As senior year comes to an end, many are trying to do everything for the last time. They hope to spend one more night in “Club Moody”, climb Jacob’s Ladder one more time or get a group of friends together to cheer on Baylor athletics for the final time as students.

The list of things to do is endless, but some seniors are trying to keep track of what they have left with a list in mind of what matters most.

Frisco senior Angela Essien said she isn’t wasting a moment during her last few weeks in Waco.

“As graduation gets closer and closer, I’m reminded that the time with my best friends will soon be over. Graduation used to feel like it was years away and now we can count the days,” Essien said.

Essien is looking to finish off her list of things to do on campus.

“I need to run through the BSB fountains and spend an afternoon on one of the swings in Founder’s Mall,” Essien said. “My friends and I are spending every free moment we have together because we know that it’ll never be this easy to see each other again.”

Lumberton senior Marli Lemons is also looking to do all her favorite things one more time.

“There are definitely a couple of restaurants that I want to eat at one last time like George’s, Shorty’s and Baris that I feel like are a big part of being a Baylor student,” Lemons said. “This past year has taught me that you never know when your ‘last time’ will be, so I’ve been trying to live in each moment as it happens.”

Ashburn, Virginia senior Ashley Glausier said she has four things left on her bucket list: Dr Pepper Hour, rock climbing at the SLC, kayaking at the Marina and going on a picnic in Cameron Park.

“I have two more Dr Pepper Hours to attend in order to be a part of the club and get my name on the plaque in the SUB,” Glausier said.