When choosing what to wear, think pink

Avery Owens | Reporter

This time last year, most people were living in pajamas and sweatsuit sets. Quarantine had no end in sight, and many of our clothes collected dust in our closets. This year, the hope for our world returning to a state of normalcy is strong. One way we can express this hope is through what we wear, and I believe we should be wearing lots of pink.

I was one of the people who lived in her pajamas last year. With no plans in my calendar, I had no excitement to get dressed. Ever since the world has begun to re-open, I have had a wardrobe transformation.

My motto is Carpe Diem. I seize the day by not saving outfits for special occasions, but instead by expressing myself through my wardrobe and wearing lots of pink. Here are three reasons why you should wear pink too.

Pink is in

As I predicted in my spring fashion forecasting column, pink is going to be very popular this spring. I see this trend continuing into summer as well. Pink fills the pages of Vogue and hangs on many racks in stores. If you are new to wearing pink and don’t know where to start, try this Outdoor Voices exercise dress in the color “pink punch” or pair a solid pink t-shirt like this one in the color “light pink” with jean shorts.

Pink expresses confidence

Wearing neutrals is playing it safe. Wearing pink expresses confidence and boldness. It is a neck-turner and a showstopper. One of my favorite items in my closet is a pink puffy tulle skirt. For Valentine’s Day this past February, I wore this skirt and a pink knit turtleneck sweater with cowboy boots. It was an out-there outfit, but one that I had so much fun wearing. I recommend going big or going home when it comes to wearing pink.

Celebrities show us how to wear pink

Dua Lipa looked stunning in a bedazzled, hot-pink gown during her performance at the Grammy’s last week. At the Grammy’s last year, Lil Nas X and Tyler the Creator rocked pink suits. Haley Bieber, Kylie Jenner and Kacey Musgraves are other celebrities who are often seen in head-to-toe pink. These celebrities and many more show us what a star factor wearing pink can have.

One of my favorite movies is “Funny Face” starring Audrey Hepburn. At the beginning of the movie, Kay Thompson sings the song “Think Pink!” The song goes, “Think pink! think pink! when you shop for summer clothes.” Pink can be worn by anyone and everyone. As the seasons begin to change and temperatures warm up, let’s think pink.