Broccoli is the superior vegetable

By Darby Good | Morning Buzz Editor

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables, and it never gets enough credit.

The basic produce item goes with almost everything and is an easy addition to any meal. It can also be cooked multiple different ways. My favorite being steaming, using a microwavable vegetable steamer that I got cheap from Amazon.

Broccoli is also one of the most college budget-friendly vegetables, especially if you buy a fresh crown and cut it yourself instead of buying it pre-cut or frozen. It’s also super versatile and can be added to almost all of your meals.

I especially like to add broccoli to pasta dishes or fried rice. All you have to do is chop it up, steam it and then add it to whatever meal you want.

Broccoli also doesn’t have a strong taste to it. So, it is also a quick addition to meals that doesn’t overpower the flavors that are already there.

As someone who also went vegetarian two years ago, broccoli is a great way to make meals more filling too. Especially if you’re not adding meat to your meals, broccoli is a great way to feel fuller while also adding more vegetables to your diet.

As college students, we’re all struggling to get the proper nutrition from our meals, and we’re also constantly being told that we need to do better when it comes to what we eat.

By incorporating more broccoli into our diets, not only are you eating more vegetables, but you’re also taking a first step toward eating healthier. I started by adding broccoli to my meals here and there, and now I’m a lot more mindful of what I eat and the nutritional value of my food.

If you need something new and easy to help you start feeling better about your diet, do yourself a favor and buy some broccoli.