Column: College content creators to watch for inspiration

As a senior at the University of Georgia, Danielle Carolan balances a full course load along with managing her YouTube channel, weekly podcast and social media outlets. Photo courtesy of Danielle Carolan

By Jenna Frisby | Social Media Editor

Sometimes college life can be overwhelming. There are days when it seems impossible to get everything done. And when the everyday gets repetitive, sometimes it’s hard to find motivation.

For those times you need an extra push, social media is a great place to turn. You can connect with your peers and look at content creators for inspiration. More specifically, content creators in college.

College influencers can help provide a sense of familiarity because they are going through the same season of life as you. By starting their careers while still in college, these students provide motivation and inspiration to viewers who might need it.

Here is a list of my favorite college content creators to watch when I need a boost.

1. Danielle Carolan

As a senior at the University of Georgia, (UGA) Danielle Carolan balances a full course load along with managing her YouTube channel, weekly podcast and social media outlets. Her videos are upbeat and positive, all while emphasizing a girl-boss mentality. She also recently released her own day planner, organized and full of motivational quotes sure to brighten your day. As a fashion major at UGA, she is able to combine her love of fashion with her social media career.

2. Anna Heid

Anna Heid is a nursing major at the University of South Carolina (USC) and a member of the USC competitive cheer team. She originally gained a following from her all-star cheer team in high school. Then she went viral on TikTok in college, which jumpstarted her career on social media. As a cheerleader, she provides healthy lifestyle and fitness content in her YouTube videos. Heid is candid about her difficult major, often giving time management tips to her viewers.

3. John Fish

John Fish is a Harvard student who utilizes his YouTube platform to create student-friendly videos. Recently, he has adapted his content to provide advice for students struggling with online school. As a male content creator, Fish is prominent on the platform, with over 900k subscribers on his Youtube channel. If you are in need of some motivation or helpful hints to navigate online learning, turn to Fish’s channel.

4. Gracie O’Connor

If you are looking for a source of positivity and sunshine, Gracie O’Connor’s videos are for you. This University of Alabama student is most well-known for her Semester at Sea travel vlogs. Her optimistic outlook on life shines through her content. O’Connor is a Florida native and her unique videos showcase her preppy fashion style. She gives sound advice, applicable to college students everywhere.

5. Lauren Norris

Have you ever wanted someone to study with but none of your friends were available? University of Alabama student Lauren Norris creates hourlong “Study With Me” videos, where you can have a virtual companion while you work. Aside from those, Norris creates college-lifestyle videos that showcase her girly personality. When you need to channel your inner girl-boss and get on the school grind, pop on one of her videos for some positive energy.

6. Kylie Ross

A recent Baylor graduate, Kylie Ross uses her platform to promote health and wellness. She gained a following by giving viewers an insight into what it’s like to train as a D1 collegiate athlete when she played women’s soccer at Baylor. Now, she inspires her audience through her love of fitness. Ross released her fitness e-book last year, full of workouts and circuits to help you with your own fitness journey. Her platform talks about other topics important to her too, such as her faith.

On the days you’re struggling to be a go-getter, turn to some of these college-aged influencers and take a page out of their book. Allow yourself to be inspired by your peers and conquer the day ahead.