Pitfalls of dorm laundry

By Annaleise Parsons | Staff Writer

Baylor dorms often have just a few washers and dryers per floor in the dorms or have a room of about 10 to 15 washers and dryers for about 300 students. The washers and dryers don’t hold a large amount of clothes and require students to bring their own detergent and dryer sheets. However, laundry is included with the housing costs at Baylor and doesn’t require an additional fee.

Issues found in the communal laundry rooms include stolen clothes or face masks, students taking out others’ clothes and students taking a washer or dryer for multiple cycles when there’s a line of students waiting for a washer or dryer.

Stolen clothes and face masks from laundry rooms have been reported across campus this year and has also been a problem for Baylor in the past. While the washers and dryers fortunately lock during the cycle, students will often take out other people’s clothes right after the cycle finishes and put them on a dirty floor, a nearby counter or on top of the machines.

The clean clothes become dirty again and during a pandemic, touching other people’s clothes could possibly spread germs. Some students may not feel comfortable with others touching their belongings as well. Yet, some students leave their washed clothes or dried clothes in the washer/dryer for hours after the cycle has ended because they forget to set a timer.

It’s important for students to remember that they are not the only ones who are doing laundry. Set a timer, don’t touch other people’s clothes — especially in a pandemic — and be respectful of other people’s time and materials. If you have four loads of clothes or bed sheets to wash and dry, wait for a time when there aren’t a bunch of students waiting to do laundry: either late at night, early in the morning or on a weekday.

Being respectful of others is needed in campus laundry rooms and in life.