Column: Two secret eateries in Waco the Baylor bubble doesn’t want you to see

Assistant Digital Managing Editor Carson Lewis recommends La Nueva Michoacana - Paleteria as a little-known place for students to eat outside the Baylor bubble. Chase (Junyan) Li | Photographer & Videographer

By Carson Lewis | Assistant Digital Managing Editor

I’ve heard a lot about people who want to diversify their eating habits around town. The grease pit is not enough sometimes to satisfy the munchies for Baylor consumers.

In my time at the Lariat, I’ve seen several calls from the editorial board for readers to expand their consumption outside of the fast-food junk that is abundant close to campus. Rarely, however, have I seen recommendations of where to go. Here’s two of my favorite places off campus, for the exploratory eater.

Mama & Papa B’s Bar-BQ. 525 S Eighth St.

My dad is always looking for places that the tourists pass over. When he comes to Waco, he treats the city like he would Berlin or Rome. He loves getting away from the areas with the most people and going to where “the locals go.” This has resulted in some great choices in meals and some flops.

I’m very happy to say that this small restaurant on the other side of I-35 belongs to the former category. Mama & Papa B’s is always in mind when I’m asked to recommend places to eat. It’s a great little place with just a few seats inside. The ribs are incredible, and as a fan of pulled pork, it’s a must eat. While Vitek’s is a great eat, I don’t really taste the history when I bite into a gut pak. It doesn’t feel as local as the meals at Mama & Papa B’s.

Next time you’re in the mood for some local barbecue, drive a few minutes further away from the sounds of horns on the always-crowded interstate, and you’ll find the small restaurant waiting for you. It’s well worth it, and after one visit, you’ll find it popping into your head more often than you’d think

La Nueva Michoacana – Paleteria. 1205 N 25th St.

Chase (Junyan) Li | Photographer & Videographer
La Nueva Michoacana - Paleteria is a local ice cream joint on 25th Street. Chase (Junyan) Li | Photographer & Videographer

I love this place so much so that I always doubt how good the ice cream is before I go back and have it again. It’s so thick, and it always surprises me how creamy it is. I’ve never had anything that compares to the quality of the ice cream served here. My go-to is the cookies and cream flavor — galletas, and it never disappoints.

I hear the horchata and strawberry desserts are also incredible. If only I could put down my spoon to try them. Please check this place out. After trying their product, it is bounds and leaps better than any of the overpriced corporate dessert places that are all over Waco.

I’ve brought so many friends to both of these locations that I’ve lost count, and so many remark that they have never been to the area around the businesses. It’s always a first hand experience of the Baylor bubble, and it reminds me to always keep exploring the wonderful town of Waco, because it will always surprise me. Have an excellent end to your semester, but before returning home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, give some new places a try, and add a few new more places to your list of regular go-to’s. Be vocal about your support, and help support our local community with your wallet!