Indoor cycling will change your life

By Grace Smith | Broadcast Reporter

People either love or hate indoor cycling, an intense exercise called Spinning. Some say it just does not work for them. And while this might be true in some cases, the health benefits of cycling for both men and women are genuinely something to look into. This top-notch form of exercise not only whips you into shape, but is also very convenient. You can experience more than the simple joy of riding a bike in your home or a spin class. Geared to your specific liking, you never have to consult the weather or road conditions on the day you choose to ride.

It all started in the mid-’80s when cyclist Johnny Goldberg became fed up with having to cancel his workouts repeatedly because of outdoor conditions. He began vigorously working on a machine that would allow him to ride anywhere at any time — freedom from depending on the weather. Goldberg found great success in his creation, and it immediately changed the fitness industry forever.

The health benefits to both men and women who spin are too many to count. Indoor cycling is more than a leg workout. It forces your mind and body to become one, allowing you to escape the present moment. You get lost in a world of determination and a new you. The person you want to become starts pedaling and the worries of tomorrow escape your being just like the sweat dripping onto the floor. Your lower body, core and arms are continually working together. You get in a zone where pushing yourself is not just an option; it’s done without hesitation.

Spinning is known to burn fat successfully and help people drop weight quickly. According to Backroads, the first thing spinning improves is your Cardiovascular health. Researchers at the University of Glasgow found that cycling generally cuts the risk of developing heart disease by nearly 50%. Your heart will become stronger with every pedal stroke you take. The intense exercise also improves overall lung health, burns approximately 400 to 600 calories in an hour, and builds full-body strength.

All this is great, but here are some cycling tips that have proven to be most effective. No matter what fitness level you are, join a cycling class, like SoulCycle or Rush Cycle, here in Waco. With the promise of transformation, spin classes are energetic and competitive. They provide a great community where people find companionship and encouragement. A 40-minute class allows you to focus only on you and your body. It is active and constant. It is pre-planned, so all you have to do is show up. No counting reps and waiting in line for machines. It is uninterrupted, allowing you to get everything out of each minute during the class. The voice of the instructor serves as both a therapist and a personal trainer.

The benefits are endless; all it takes is that initial step getting on that bike. It’s more than a physical change. Your mind becomes refreshed and a new and improved you starts to take over.