New thrift store supports sustainability

Clasé Thrift and Goods opened on Jan. 11 next door to Harvest on 25th in Waco. The thrift store, located at 108 N. 25th St., provides a selection of vintage and trendy clothes for Wacoans. Photo courtesy of De’Oryen Thornton

By Andie Chilson | Reporter

Clasé Thrift and Goods opened in Waco on Jan. 11, and locals and Baylor students alike flocked to the store to check out the selection.

Customers of the new store at 108 N. 25th St., already show their support for the Waco native and owner De’Oryen (‘Dee’) Thornton.

Thornton said he was looking to bring affordable vintage style with a trendy flair to Waco with the opening of Clasé, but believes second-hand shopping is more than just trendy shopping — it’s also helping the environment.

“[Vintage clothing] is saving the world too. It’s recycled clothes and it’s fashionable,” Thornton said.

Stores like Clasé are part of the solution to a major issue currently plaguing the fashion industry: the environmental impact of textile production. The fashion industry is responsible for roughly 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability has become a hot topic in the fashion industry, and a number of labels like Patagonia, Reformation, and Everlane, just to name a few, have set the standard for sustainable shopping with their production transparency and zero-waste goals. But the best way to cut down on your closet’s carbon footprint? Second-hand shopping.

If sustainable shopping isn’t enough to lure the community to Clasé, its bright colors and Instagram-worthy décor will. The walls of the store are lined with shelves of unique finds like VHS tapes and retro magazines, and a floor-length mirror situated in the middle of the racks of clothes makes for a perfect selfie spot.

Hanna Tucker, Waco local and friend of Thornton, agreed.

“Not only are the clothes amazing, but the atmosphere is super welcoming and overall a great aesthetic to take pictures at,” Tucker said.

“I’ve been into vintage for about two years now. I was at a point where I couldn’t afford the high-end streetwear fashion … so after two years of collecting and opening a store that we had just closed in December, I decided to open an all vintage store,” Thornton said.

Thornton previously owned a high-end streetwear store in Waco called Way Limited [formerly ‘Culture Threads,’] but he wants Clasé to incorporate more vintage pieces and offer them at a more affordable price than Way Limited.

Clasé’s bright colors and retro theme carries outside of the store, with a neon graffitied mural of a television and cacti on the outside of the building — Thornton has carefully curated the selection of pieces at Clasé himself. The pieces reflect Thornton’s individual style while still appealing to the masses and staying on-trend.

Thornton hopes to offer clothes that are both trendy and vintage with Clasé’s wide selection, and has found inspiration in Hollywood style icons like Shia LaBoeuf and Kanye West.

“I just thrift everywhere I go, I go state to state, city to city and just try to find anything that I think is fashionable or that I think somebody else would love,” Thornton said.

Staying true to his mission of affordable vintage fashion hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Waco community.

“People love it,” Thornoton said. “I’m getting a lot of locals and Baylor students.”

Thornton hopes to offer even more affordable vintage fashion in the coming weeks with the debut of ‘Clasé merchandise’ that will offer shirts for $20 to $30 and sweatshirts for $40 to $60.

Between the wide selection of vintage finds and its Instagram-worthy setup, Clasé offers a unique shopping experience to and locals Baylor students alike.

You can follow Clasé on Instagram @clasethriftsandgoods and on Facebook.