Jonas Brothers back on tour after time away

Courtesy of Ticketmaster

By McKenzie Oviatt | Reporter

The Jonas Brothers just recently announced their new “Happiness Begins” tour and brought back many childhood memories.

From a young age, kids were introduced to the Jonas Brothers’ band through their TV show “Jonas” on Disney Channel, and they starred in a Disney Channel Original Movie “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.”

They formed their pop rock band in 2005, with Kevin, Joe and Nick. They have released five albums: “It’s About Time;” “Jonas Brothers;” “A Little Bit Longer;” “Lines, Vines and Trying Times;” and their newest release, “Happiness Begins,” was dropped on June 7.

Students, including Coppell senior Kristen Racz, Colleyville senior Andi Risk and Dallas senior Caroline Yablon, attended their concerts in Dallas and San Antonio as the Brothers rocked their way through Texas.

“The Jonas Brothers were my jam growing up,” Racz said. “My older brother always told me that the Jonas Brothers were just another boy band that would fade out and I actually cried — when the Jonas Brothers announced their return and I got tickets to the concert, I immediately called my brother and said ‘you were wrong.”’

The band played into that storyline throughout the concert so it was really fun to watch, Risk said.

“They played a lot of their old songs and took suggestions from the crowd for a few — definitely worth driving to Dallas and back on a Wednesday night,” Risk said.

The band played songs from all five of their albums, and audience members were just as impressed with their talent as they were years ago.

“The Jonas brothers are even better live than they are on the radio. Their vocal ranges are crazy and I am so impressed with their natural talent. They put on an excellent show,” Racz said. “Engaging the audience, I believe, is a crucial part of being an entertainer versus just a performer. The Jonas Brothers are for sure entertainers.”

Despite the years they have taken off touring together, the Jonas Brothers have not lost their energy. Risk said they were amazing live and loved getting to see how far they’ve come as a band.

Risk went to their concert back in 2009 and it only made sense to see them in concert all these years later.

“It was incredible seeing them again in college, especially after watching their documentary, ‘Chasing Happiness,’” Risk said. “It was all about their journey throughout the years and really showed how they struggled and came back together stronger after each having independent lives and careers.”

Racz went to the Jonas Brothers concert back in 2007 when they released their first album. She has been “Team Nick” since the beginning. When they set their tour dates for this year, she bought tickets to see them in Dallas for their Happiness Begins album, Racz said.

Dallas senior and lifelong Jonas Brothers fan Caroline Yablon went to the concert on Wednesday night.

“I have always loved their music and old Disney channel and all the throwbacks. The fact that they’re all back together on tour, I thought — why not? I won’t get this chance again. I never got to see them in concert as a kid,” Yablon said.

Racz went on Wednesday as well — she didn’t have a test the next day — so it was reasonable to drive up on a school night, she said.

“It has been 10 years since they last performed as a band and I thought it would be an incredible concert and when was I ever going to get to see the Jonas Brothers in concert again?” Racz said.

As the school year drags on and life gets more serious, students still find it important to trace back to their childhood.

“Everyone wishes they were a kid again, and in a way going to this concert was a way to go back,” Yablon said.