Free breakfast, good company hosted by UBreak in the SUB

The Union Board served up smiles on Sept. 20 to students with breakfast tacos and coffee at the Bill Daniel Student Union Building. Photo courtesy of Jordy Dickey

By Sophie Acebo | Reporter

UBreak is a pop-up brunch bar hosted by Baylor Union Board held every two weeks on Friday mornings, meant to encourage students to take a break during their busy days and enjoy community.

The brunch setup is located outside of the Union Board Room in the Bill Daniel Student Center, where the historic barbershop used to operate from 1948 to 2011.

Jordy Dickey is the assistant director of the Student Union and staff adviser for Union Board. She has been advising Union Board since its start in 2012 and said that UBreak, which began in the fall of 2014, is one of her favorite Union Board programs.

“We have loved seeing the growth of this program over the past few years,” Dickey said. “Programs such as UBreak help enhance the student experience while also cultivating an enduring connection to the university.”

UBreak provides free food for everyone that attends and strives to remind students to relax and enjoy good food and good company in the middle of students’ busy lives.

Past UBreak events served food options like chicken and waffles, potato tacos and catering local Nightlight Donuts. Students, faculty and staff are all welcome to participate.

“During UBreak, students can enjoy a free and creative brunch as well as a Common Grounds cup of coffee on us,” Dickey said.

Sarah Patterson has been the graduate apprentice with Union Board since August. Patterson enjoys setting up for UBreak and seeing everyone come together.

“I really like helping set up and watching our students on Union Board serve students,” Patterson said. “They look forward to it every other week.”

Patterson thinks having a program like UBreak is important so students and faculty can take a step back and relax at the end of a week.

“I think UBreak benefits all members of campus because it’s a time where people can come together and just see the Baylor community and enjoy breakfast,” Patterson said. “It’s a good moment for people to realize, ‘I can take a break. This isn’t so serious. I can enjoy being here and being with these people,’” Patterson said.

Waukee, Iowa, senior Audrey Crites said she loves all of the different themes Union Board comes up with for UBreak and appreciates the opportunity to enjoy the community.

“I love seeing how excited and happy people are for free food…I think UBreak lifts everyone’s already happy Friday mood and I love being a part of that,” Crites said. “My favorite theme so far has been potato palooza because potatoes are absolutely amazing.”

The next UBreak event will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday, and will include a churro bar and Common Grounds coffee.