Content warning proves insensitivity

Rewon Shimray | Opinion Editor

On Baylor’s Active Attack Training video released Sept. 6:

If you’re going to make an important informational video for all students to watch, don’t make one that requires a disclaimer.

A video like this, especially one with such an important message, should be accessible and approachable to all students. But, it literally opens with a student getting shot in the face. I feel like it almost defeats the purpose. Students that are particularly disturbed by this kind of thing are probably the ones that would most need the kind of reassurance this video attempts to give.

I understand that this subject matter is sensitive any way you cut it, but that should make it all the more important that it be handled carefully, and I personally don’t think watching students get shot on-sight in the BSB is a careful way to handle it.

Brian McAughan
Senior marketing and film & digital media major