Small acts of kindness can have a huge impact

By Ashley Brooke Boyd | Cartoonist

I’ve become addicted to committing random acts of kindness. There are no downsides. Everyone wins. Random acts of kindness are the best way to lift your spirits and those around you.

With the fall semester in full swing, tests and stress are upon us. Students have started to flock to the library, coffee in one hand, textbooks in the other. Everyone is busy trying to stay afloat. I know I am extremely busy with all my classes and organizations I am involved in. Despite my busy schedule, I have been intentionally trying to find time to do at least one kind thing a day for someone else.

The smiles I receive from both strangers and friends make me smile as well. I’ve found that when I do kind things for others, both of us leave feeling better than we were before.

I think everyone should take a few minutes out of their day to do something kind for someone else. Some things that work really well for me is offering to buy a coffee for someone, giving a sincere compliment and sending letters in the mail to a friend who lives far away.

One time, after I had bought coffee for a friend, she broke down in tears telling me how much it meant to her. She had just had to take her new puppy to the vet for a small procedure and afterward had almost nothing in her bank account. She still thanks me for it today. It cost me $4 to brighten her day. This is when I started making an effort to be kind because you never know what people are struggling with, and sometimes they might need a little extra love.

Be kind. Show compassion and love. You never know if something small could impact someone in a big way.

Small acts of kindness, even just buying coffee for one of your friends, can leave a person glowing with happiness for the rest of the day. I encourage everyone to try it out. You’ll feel happy, the recipient of your action will feel happy, and who knows, you might even make a new friend!

I recently made cookies for everyone in my apartment building, and a few guys came to my door later with banana bread they had made me and my roommates. I’d say we are friends now. Do good, and good will find you.