Baylor needs to run on Dunkin’

By Phoebe Alwine | Contributor

Baylor University’s campus lacks a variety of coffee that the students need. In August 2018, Baylor added Common Grounds coffee to the first floor of the SUB. However, this decision seems a bit redundant since there is already a Common Grounds shop on 8th Street, in a convenient spot right next to campus. Putting Common Grounds on campus offers students less food and beverage options. However, Dunkin’ Donuts is the best solution to this issue. When Baylor put Common Grounds in, Einstein’s Bagels, the only one in Waco, was taken out, ultimately robbing students of a multitude of coffee and food options.

Waco only has two Dunkin’ restaurants, and they are 10 and 12 minutes away from campus, making for an inconvenient commute. Dunkin’ offers hot and iced coffee, espresso, smoothies and Cooladas. They also serve a large assortment of bagels, sandwiches, donuts, muffins and flatbreads. Dunkin’ serves food for all dietary needs and restrictions, including vegans. They offer a vegan menu, which includes coffee and tea with almond milk, iced tea, bagels, English muffins and hash browns. Having this wide variety will appeal to everyone on Baylor’s campus.

Dunkin’ is the perfect restaurant for Baylor’s campus because it will finally be close enough for both students and faculty to get to. Many students do not have a car or do not want to drive the 10 minutes across Waco to get a coffee. Faculty must stay on campus in order to do their jobs, so they don’t have time to drive all over Waco for Dunkin’. However, adding one on campus will increase convenience for all students and staff.

Dunkin’ also offers many ways to get your food faster. One method that is ideal for both students and faculty is mobile ordering through the Dunkin’ app, which allows customers to skip the line and receive their order right when they walk through the door. This method is helpful for students and professors running from one class to the next. Students and faculty will be able to eat and keep their energy up with this perfect on-the-go app.

Baylor’s food options poses a problem for students wanting to indulge in morning breakfast. Not only does Dunkin’ offer coffee of all kinds, but also food for both breakfast and lunch. The accessibility of adding Dunkin’ to campus will allow students and faculty to have the option of eating somewhere other than Common Grounds, and will also be great for Dunkin’ business. Since Baylor’s campus is the central part of Waco, Dunkin’ should be built on campus to increase revenue and the satisfaction of students and faculty

Phoebe is a sophomore journalism major from Delray Beach, Fla.