Free farmer’s market fights food insecurity

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor’s free farmer’s market brought out more than 1,500 students on Thursday to Fountain Mall. The Student Success Initiatives office hosted the event to combat food insecurity on campus. This event happens once a semester and this is the third year it has taken place.

One of the creators of the Free Farmers Market, Cara Cliburn Allen said the goal of the event is to both provide students with food but also de-stigmatize the need for food on campus.

“All college students need food, just like students need academic support, just like students need emotional support, just like students need physical support, they also need food,” Cilburn Allen said.

Tents were lined up on Fountain Mall with approximately 35,000 pounds of free food donated to Baylor at no cost. The food was donated from stores such as H-E-B and Whole Foods in Austin. The farmers market is hosted in partnership with the Central Texas Food Bank and the Family of Faith Worship Center.

Senior Morgan Stewart said she attends the free farmer’s market every time Baylor hosts it.

“I think it’s a great way to get students not only eating healthy but a lot of students I think just don’t have either time to go to the grocery store or the resources,” Stewart said. “A lot of students are finically struggling, including myself. We work a lot and it is hard to pay bills and you know whatever kind of dues that you have, and also pay for meals and for good healthy foods. So, I think that it is great that they have this here.”

Student Success Initiatives has other resources that help fight food insecurity on Baylor’s campus such as the Store and the Fridge. For more information about resources offered, check out their website.