Freshmen need advice for the Line

Photo credit: Rewon Shimray

The original article, “Run, Bears, Run: Tips for your first Baylor Line,” was published on Sept. 1.

When I clicked this article, I wanted to hear direct tips on how to handle running the Line. Which section of the Line leads to the best injury free experience? How do you handle the pushing? Is it possible to get the iconic running Snapchat story and if so, is it worth it? Instead, I got information about the Chamber and people’s feelings about running the Line for their first or last time.

I would say there were two general tips dispersed through the reading which were, “Be prepared to stay all night,” and “If you drop something, just let it go.” They were placed in this piece as bonus facts rather than the bulk of the story. When the headline blatantly says that this will give you tips for your first Baylor line, there should be solutions to past horror stories and quotes from upperclassmen giving their best Line surviving secrets, rather than painting a scene of people nervous to run the Line and seniors talking about their feelings on their final run. We still need advice.


Amateur Baylor Line Runner

– Catherine Cohen, a Houston freshman