Run, Bears, Run: Tips for your first Baylor Line

By Savannah Cooper | Staff Writer

Every year, freshmen get to partake in one of Baylor’s biggest traditions: running the Baylor Line. Running the Line is an exhilarating run across McLane Stadium to create a tunnel for football players each home game ending with prime seats behind the guest team.

According to Houston senior and Baylor Line Chairman, Danny Dominguez, starting in the 1970’s with all males just walking around the stadium, the line has now become a staple for home games. Upperclassmen, alumni and fans alike cheer the runners on for highly anticipated the sea of gold jerseys.

Dominguez wants freshman who will be experiencing game day for the first time to stay the whole time to get the full experience.

“Be prepared to stay the whole night,” Dominguez said. “Football players are always looking for more energy from students they see around campus.”

Athens junior and Baylor Line Co-Chairman, Camille Koehler, said she joined chamber so she could help recreate one of her favorite memories at Baylor for incoming freshmen.

“Running the Baylor Line was one of my favorite memories as a freshman and getting involved with The Line and ensuring other students has that same experience,” Koehler said.

Since 1919, the Baylor Chamber of Commerce has been on campus to ensure that Baylor’s traditions last and create lifelong memories for students.

Dominguez and Koehler have a full day on game days. With a report time of six hours before kick off, they help prepare the Baylor Line’s official tailgate that serves hamburgers and hotdogs. At two hours from kickoff, they start heading over to the stadium’s entrance and prepare the gold ropes to help direct the soon to be avalanche of gold.

Dallas freshman Emily Guerrero is looking forward to running her first line, but has some mixed feelings based on what she’s heard.

“I’m a little scared just because of all the horror stories I’ve heard, but I’m super excited,” Guerrero said. “I think the energy is going to be crazy.”

For the final home game, seniors get to run the line one last time as a student before becoming Baylor alums.

Dallas senior Jessica Porter is still in disbelief that her final run is happening this season. Looking back at her four years here, she feels her journey has come full circle.

“It’s a bittersweet moment where it’s coming full circle,” Porter said. “I came in as a young girl and leave as a woman.”

The Baylor Line means a lot to many people, when asked to describe it in five words or less, Dominguez and Koehler highlighted what it’s all about each game.

“Rush, excitement, safety and gold,” Dominguez said.

Koehler also mentioned what a rush the line is.

“High energy, spirit, freshmen and safety,” Koehler said.

A final tip from Porter, when it comes to staying with friends and keeping everything in your pockets don’t worry about it.

“If you drop something, just let it go,” Porter said.

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