Bicyclists on campus

Bikes. Bikes on campus. Bicyclists not paying attention to where they’re riding on campus. I have had enough with the bicyclists on campus. They plow through the crowds during the busiest parts of the day.

I have already seen at least one person crash because of a lack of attention. Thankfully he rode away and was fine, but this is not always the case because bicyclists are not cautious with their riding. On another occasion, one of the girls in my class showed up with red marks on the back of her leg from someone running into her with a bike.

This is becoming ridiculous. My biggest problem with bicyclists on campus is that they don’t warn you that they’re coming or that they’re about to pass you.

I have almost been run over several times by bicyclists swerving around me.I would have moved if they had just said, “On your right” (or left).

If bicyclists could just be a bit more considerate to everyone and give us a little heads up that they’re about to pass us, there would be less accidents and near misses on campus.

Taryn Korschetz, Houston freshman