Why I’m Team Captain America

I have always been a really big fan of comic books, video games and even movies that involve superheroes, but I have to say probably my all time favorite superhero would have to be Captain America.

With the new “Captain America Civil War” movie coming out in May, I feel the need to defend my side.

I believe the reason why I value Steve Rogers’ Captain America so much is because his heart pumps pure virtue and nobility. The guy has been picked on, bullied and made fun of by people his whole life. Not only does he know what it is like to feel weak and powerless, but also he truly is able to understand what power does and how it corrupts people.

Rogers grew up as a scrawny fine arts student during the Great Depression. His father was an alcoholic and died when he was a child. His mother passed away from pneumonia after he graduated from high school. So as one can tell, he already had a difficult time in his youth.

After the loss of both of his parents, he attempted to enlist in the army after high school in order to fight for justice against Nazi Germany in the early 1940’s to combat the evil in the world.

Rogers failed his physical evaluations due to his size and strength, but because of his fervor and mindset to not give up on his hope to help fight the war, he was invited to volunteer for Operation: Rebirth, which would turn Rogers into a super soldier with increased strength, stature and power beyond any average man’s belief.

Before under going the process however, the professor experimenting on him admitted to Rogers why he was selected, “Because the strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and he knows compassion.”

Rogers was not given this ability for being the strongest, most macho guy in the world. He received this opportunity because of his heart. He is strong willed and knows how to use this newly discovered power to fight evil for the greater good.

Unlike Iron Man, who tends to be an arrogant, prideful and self-absorbed, Captain America’s loyalty to his friends and to justice is what drives him to go beyond all means to do the right thing.

So I say to you Cap, “I’m with you till’ the end of the line!”

Dane Chronister is a senior journalism major from League City. He is the city editor for the Lariat.