Chamber deserves praise, not insults

We hear it every year. “Why can’t Chamber ever book any good headliners?” While the relevance of Diadeloso headliners could be debated, we’re more concerned with the student response than the choice of music artists.

The Baylor Chamber of Commerce is made up of students who tout the slogan, “Anything for Baylor.” This group works to uphold that banner, organizing Traditions Rally, Diadeloso, Homecoming, Family Weekend and more. In addition to arranging events, Chamber members are also doing what each of us often struggle to do: balance classes. In spite of the fact that they are just students like the rest of us, members are subjected to a substantial amount of venom from fellow Baylor Bears. The instant the Diadeloso headliner is announced, social media users turn Chamber into a punching bag.

Here is the simple truth: it is impossible to make everyone happy. This is especially true for Chamber, considering the majority of complaints leveled against the group are in reference to music artists. It’s hard to invite five people over to your house and have them all agree on one music genre. Now imagine trying to please the entire student body. If anything, Chamber has showed its willingness to diversify, given the fact that an EDM artist was booked. That genre may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely different from anything we’ve ever heard at Diadeloso.

Perhaps the biggest point to consider is that of Baylor-appropriateness. Think about some of today’s biggest artists. Think about the messages in their songs. Think about what you were taught in Chapel. Is there a clash? We think so. Somehow, it is hard to picture Beyonce getting away with singing “Drunk in love” on a dry, Baptist campus. It was pretty shocking to hear Brad Paisley sing “Alcohol” at Traditions Rally, actually. Find a relevant musician with top-of-the-chart songs that doesn’t advocate for alcohol, drugs or premarital sex, then feel free to file a complaint with Chamber.

On top of being Baylor-appropriate, the headliner also has to be available and within budget. This can be a pretty tall order. Then factor in trying to find someone that most students will enjoy, and you get absolute mayhem. Despite their best efforts, members of Chamber get verbally bashed every year.

At the end of the day, it’s a free concert. If you don’t like the headliner, you don’t have to go. As we are reminded each year by Student Life, Diadeloso is a privilege, not a right. In the same way, having a group of students that are willing to dedicate their time and effort to securing a free concert for students should not be taken for granted. We are not saying students should like every headliner Chamber chooses, we are just urging students to exercise a little empathy.