LARIAT LETTER: Shoutout to Baylor dining services

If it’s a Thursday afternoon at Baylor University, you can know where to find me. I will be located at 1845 Memorial dining hall, chomping on some good ‘ol southwest chicken salad. On behalf of all Baylor students and alumni, I would like to personally thank Baylor University dining services for the phenomenon that is THE southwest chicken salad.

If you have not yet experienced this national treasure, just know that the line will be wrapped around the dining hall in such a way that you will need an all-access VIP fast pass to get in the door. From the dining hall employee swiping in the masses, to the one tossing the salad, to the one who dispenses the chipotle dressing, each one does their job well and joyfully amidst the chaos of multiple students.

Whereas you may find many other college students complaining about their dining hall meals or a lack of good food, at Baylor it seems there are no criticisms but only praise for this unbelievable bed of lettuce with a kick. Grace Tabuena, longtime S.W.C. salad fan and senior at Baylor said, “Me and a group of my friends have made it a tradition to meet up every week to eat this salad since freshman year. I sure am going to miss it when I graduate.”

From the crunchy romaine leaves, to the perfectly crisp nuggets of delight, you can find Baylor students of any age (not just freshmen) swarming the 1845 Memorial dining hall on a Thursday afternoon. So once again, to the employees of Baylor dining services and Baylor University as a whole, THANK YOU for the legend that is the incredible southwest chicken salad. May it always be celebrated and never forgotten.


Maggie Geiler