Waco needs more healthy options

Being a native of Los Angeles where new fads centered around not only fashion, but also fitness and nutrition, typically begin, I’m still learning to adjust to life at Baylor, let alone here in Waco.

Here things run at a much slower pace. Don’t get me wrong, Waco has plenty of unique characteristics that make living here an incredible experience, but it’s lack of healthier dining options and even grocery stores makes any health freak, like myself, wish they were closer to the big cities.

Although Waco has made an effort to incorporate elements of nutrition with temporary vendors like those at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market, stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Sprouts make healthful choices easier to make on a daily basis. Restaurants that often incorporate local and/or organic ingredients, vegan items and wholesome options would also add to the small town feel of the city along the Brazos while also supporting local farmers and producers.

The need for businesses centered around nutrition is growing consistently with Baylor’s student population, especially since students like me are more common than one might think.


Tayler Berman


Redondo Beach, Calif.